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Fendi men’s spring summer 2023

Fendi men’s spring summer 2023

FENDI Men's SS23 Panoramic

FENDI presents the men’s spring summer 2023 collection in Milan. Silvia Venturini Fendi explains the constant play of contrasts and juxtapositions as “about a balance of decoration and simplicity. An ageless sense of freedom to play, as we rediscover the luxury of free time.”

FENDI men’s universe

At the heart of the FENDI men’s universe is an exploration of style sitting between nostalgia and innovation. This season packs a playful punch of color “reflecting the earth, sea and sky.” Melon, indigo, ochre, putty, cornflower blue, and silver grey lend to the collections’ bohemian wanderlust. “The swirling weather patterns of planet Earth zoom in and out as thermographic jacquard coats alongside bucolic cowhide motifs. The motif appears as a psychedelic FEND-ikat linen or blown out in tonal cotton knits.”


Celebrities such as André Lamoglia, Stranger Things‘ Noah Schapp, Lucas Jagger, and Zico all attended. Explore the full FENDI men’s spring summer 2023 collection and celebrities’ arrival below, courtesy of FENDI.
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Celebrity Arrivals




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