Fendi Reveals Spring/Summer 2024 Campaign: A Tribute to Heritage with Jeremy Pope

January 12, 2024

Jeremy Pope poses for Fendi Men's SS24, leaning on cardboard boxes, dressed in a patterned green jacket, khaki shorts, accessorized with a bucket hat, and carrying a white Fendi bag.

Fendi sets a new standard in luxury fashion with its Men's Spring/Summer 2024 campaign. At the heart of this innovative drive is the Fendi Factory, a symbol of the brand's commitment to craftsmanship and forward-thinking design.

Global Ambassadors Front the Campaign

Massimiliano Caiazzo for FENDI SS24: Clad in a sleek leather overcoat and holding an iconic FENDI bag, Massimiliano Caiazzo exudes sophistication against the backdrop of FENDI’s minimalist elegance.

The campaign stars Kuanghan Hsu, known for his captivating roles and his upcoming movie "Seishun18x2"; Jeremy Pope, an Emmy and Tony-nominated actor, renowned for his groundbreaking work in "Pose"; and Massimiliano Caiazzo, a rising star in Italian television, soon to be seen in Disney's "Uonderbois" and Netflix's "Storia della mia famiglia".

Kuanghan Hsu's Modern Elegance: Kuanghan Hsu, dressed in a relaxed yet refined ensemble, showcases FENDI’s fusion of casual luxury with the house’s storied craftsmanship.

Fashion Forward into 2024

Under Nico Vascellari's artistic direction, the campaign features a metallic set that echoes the Fendi Factory's blend of the industrial and the artisanal. The collection spotlights iconic pieces like the Peekaboo and Baguette bags, along with the debut of the Fendi Chiodo Backpack, showcasing the seamless integration of classic and contemporary styles.

A Canvas of Artistic Expression

Embracing the limelight of Fendi's Spring/Summer 2024 campaign is the multifaceted Jeremy Pope, whose recent acclaim has grown louder with his highly anticipated role as Jean-Michel Basquiat in the Broadway show 'The Collaboration.' Pope's creative work parallels the innovative energy of the Fendi Factory, where tradition and boundary-pushing creativity converge. This campaign is not just a collection reveal; it's a narrative that interweaves Pope's artistic journey with Fendi's storied heritage—a celebration of past and present legends in the making.

Jeremy Pope's Contemporary Cool: Jeremy Pope strikes a pose with FENDI's latest designs, harmonizing bold patterns and accessories with the label's signature Italian flair.

A New Era in Menswear

Step into the scene with Jeremy Pope: Fendi's Spring/Summer '24 brings heritage to the heartbeat of fashion.

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Set to be featured in worldwide magazines and prominent outdoor spaces, the Fendi Men's Spring/Summer 2024 campaign is not just a fashion statement; it's a narrative of artistic journeys, blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics. For more on the collection visit the official Fendi website.