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Fendi Unleashes the Year of the Dragon with a Playful Twist: The Fendi x Fragment x Pokémon Collection

Fendi Unleashes the Year of the Dragon with a Playful Twist: The Fendi x Fragment x Pokémon Collection

Embarking on an enchanting journey where luxury fashion intersects with the playful realm of Pokémon, Fendi, in collaboration with Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Fragment, unveils a collection that’s set to capture imaginations. Celebrating the Year of the Dragon with a dazzling twist, Fendi’s iconic handbag silhouettes receive a transformation that’s nothing short of magical, featuring beloved Dragon-type Pokémon. With a nod to the fervor of Japanese pop culture, this collection stands as a vibrant testament to Fendi’s innovative spirit and its flair for blending haute couture with global pop icons.

A playful display featuring the Fendi x Fragment x Pokémon collection, showcasing the imaginative blend of luxury and pop culture.

The Artistic Fusion of Fendi and Fragment

Silvia Venturini Fendi, FENDI’s Artistic Director of Accessories and Menswear, celebrates the collection’s playful approach to Fendi’s heritage: “Our bag shapes are a logo themselves; they are so representative of the House. While our workmanship is another important part of our iconography. At the same time, we never want to be too precious with either – we enjoy celebrating both in new ways! It’s a living history that Hiroshi Fujiwara adds to with both FRGMT and Pokémon; he’s taken our handbags and made them into mini pop monuments.”

Kim Jones’s Admiration for Hiroshi Fujiwara

Reflecting on his long-standing admiration for Fujiwara, Kim Jones, FENDI’s Artistic Director of Couture and Womenswear, shares a heartfelt tribute: “I first met Hiroshi Fujiwara in London in 1999 – and what can I say? He’s one of my idols and I love him. He’s an instigator of the Japanese club scene, its youth fashion scene and its streetwear scene. I have been in love with Japan for a long time; its influence on me and what I do is huge – Hiroshi is a major part of that.”

Crafting Mini Pop Monuments

The collaboration sees Fendi’s classic handbag shapes reimagined into charming miniatures, representing Dragon-type Pokémon. This creative venture is a testament to Fendi’s living history, with Fragment adding a fresh pop-cultural layer to its legacy, making luxury fashion accessible and enjoyable to a diverse audience.

Embracing the playful spirit of the Year of the Dragon, Fendi introduces a whimsical touch to its luxury line with the FRGMT and Pokémon collaboration, featuring an iconic Dragon-type Pokémon accentuating this chic handbag.
Fendi’s exceptional craftsmanship meets the vibrant world of Pokémon, showcasing a Dragon-type Pokémon playfully perched on the classic Fendi baguette bag, a symbol of fashion’s fun new frontier.

A Digital Dive into the World of Pokémon GO

In an exciting turn, the partnership expands into the digital realm with Pokémon GO. Players can engage with the collection in a unique way, obtaining digital avatar items inspired by the collaboration. This integration exemplifies the collection’s playful spirit and Fendi’s forward-thinking approach to fashion.

In a bold blend of pop culture and high fashion, Fendi’s latest creation in collaboration with FRGMT and Pokémon adds a dash of whimsical charm, featuring an iconic Electric-type Pokémon that electrifies the classic handbag silhouette.

A Celebration of Iconic Collaborations

The Fendi x Fragment x Pokémon collection, available from January 4th, 2024, is a celebration of iconic design, craftsmanship, and global pop culture phenomena. It’s a collection that promises not only to adorn the shelves of Fendi boutiques but also to capture the hearts of Pokémon fans worldwide, marking the Year of the Dragon as a time of joyful innovation and stylistic play.

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