FENDI Unveils Winter Wonderland: The Skiwear Capsule 2023

October 6, 2023

As the winter winds start to rustle, FENDI is set to elevate the frosty slopes with its dazzling Skiwear Capsule for the Winter 2023 season. This collection seamlessly melds top-tier performance with unmistakable FENDI panache, ensuring that both men and women can carve the snow in impeccable style.

For the Men: Bold and Brisk

The male ski aficionado has much to anticipate. At the forefront is the multicoloured rendition of the 'FENDI Shadow'. This bold logo, reminiscent of shifting shadows, evolves into geometric wonders, merging shades of blue, lilac, and powder pink, eventually softening into the gentle hues of orange and yellow. The result? Ski suits, anoraks, and zipped jackets that aren't just functional, but also sporty.

And when the skiing ceases and the après-ski begins, a snug wool sweater sporting the FENDI Shadow jacquard, in cool blue and sunny yellow, awaits. But it's not all about vivacious colors. For those who lean towards the classics, FENDI offers a ski jacket adorned with the timeless FF logo, tastefully paired with a matching fleece jacket in black and blue.

For the Women: Elegance on Ice

The women's skiwear line draws inspiration from FENDI's Women’s Autumn/Winter 2023-24 collection. It's a melange of vibrant colors and classic neutrals, all underscored by the emblematic FENDI logos. The pièce de résistance is a ski jacket complemented by a plush fox fur hoodie and a tasteful jacquard belt. Sustainability sits at its core, with the jacket crafted from premium post-consumer recycled polyester yarn, breathing new life into marine waste and discarded plastics.

Beyond aesthetics, functionality reigns supreme – the fabric, when coupled with a specialized membrane, ensures wearers are shielded from the elements, all while allowing the skin to breathe. Rounding out the collection is a reversible classic puffer jacket, toggling between sleek black and a tobacco shade, embellished with the omnipresent FF logo. Adding to the ensemble are bodycon technical underpinnings, perfectly suited for layering beneath the outerwear. Notably, a fabric woven from carbon threads emerges as the hero, offering thermoregulation, moisture absorption, and a barrier against water.

As a nod to comfort, the collection features furry reversible outerwear and accessories made from pure wool. No ski ensemble is complete without accessories, and FENDI doesn’t disappoint. Helmets, gloves, and masks, all bearing the iconic FF logo, are available in shades ranging from pristine white and deep anthracite grey to timeless brown. For those eager to drape themselves in FENDI's winter magic, the wait isn't long. The Skiwear Capsule 2023 drops on October 5th, 2023, available in select FENDI boutiques and on