Fendi women’s fall winter 2022

February 24, 2022

Kim Jones presents the Fendi fall winter 2022 collection as part of Milan Fashion Week. Looking at Fendi through a contemporary lens, the collection reflects Jones' commitment to elegant simplicity – a contemporary design philosophy that he perfected at Louis Vuitton, then Dior and now also Fendi. Explore the full collection below, images courtesy of Fendi.

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“The best place to explore the FENDI archives is through the Fendi wardrobes,” notes Jones. “And these are collections which, although they come from the past, feel very now.” Reworking and pairing the geometric prints and sartorial styling of 1986 with the diaphanous lightness of Autumn/Winter 2000, what emerges is a diametric exploration of strength and of softness – a runway of powerful women in beautiful clothes.

“It’s a wardrobe designed for every aspect of a woman’s life, for every generation,” Jones says. “And it all started with Delfina.” “It brings me directly to the history of my family. I saw these prints on myself; Kim saw them on Delfina,” explains Silvia Venturini Fendi.

“What interests me the most about fashion is when it isn’t something just for the moment – and with FENDI, that is always the case, because it is never banal. There is always a story behind each piece, something a little different.”

Explore the Fendi fall winter 2022 collection below.