Rhythmic Elegance: DJ Amrit at Ferragamo A/W 2023 Event

DJ Amrit is at the Ferragamo event, spinning tracks on a Pioneer DJ setup, dressed in a metallic outfit with sleek sunglasses, capturing the essence of the high-energy occasion.

This image features DJ Amrit setting the vibe at the Ferragamo event, her hands expertly adjusting the decks on a state-of-the-art Pioneer DJ setup. Her metallic ensemble gleams under the event lights, harmonizing with her cool, dark sunglasses that add an air of mystery and modern chic to her look. The branded Ferragamo booth underscores the luxury and exclusivity of the event, while a glass of white wine sits on the table, suggesting a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere. DJ Amrit embodies the dynamic fusion of music and fashion, integral to the brand’s identity.

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