Ferragamo Unveils Campaign with a Bold Introduction to its New Renaissance

August 15, 2023

Ferragamo unveils its New Renaissance campaign, an artistic endeavor that intricately interweaves the brand’s heritage with innovation. By collaborating with the esteemed Le Gallerie degli Uffizi and embracing the spirit of Florence’s Renaissance, Ferragamo has embarked on a journey to redefine luxury and artistry in the modern fashion landscape.

Reviving the Renaissance

The Renaissance campaign marks a departure from the norm for Ferragamo. This avant-garde approach reconnects the brand with its roots in Florence, spotlighting the historic beauty and innovation that characterized the Italian Renaissance. Through exquisite paintings and a parallel series of images, the campaign introduces Ferragamo’s extended community as timeless protagonists of masterpieces from the past.

A Journey through Ferragamo’s Evolution

The history of Ferragamo is far more than the tale of a shoemaker to the stars. Salvatore Ferragamo’s journey epitomizes rebirth and evolution. Hailing from humble beginnings, Salvatore’s Italian heritage with audacious creativity transformed him into a Hollywood icon. This initial renaissance paved the way for the brand’s continuous evolution.

Florence: The Heart of Inspiration

Ferragamo’s embrace of Italian heritage resonates deeply with the spirit of Florence, often referred to as the “Jewel of the Renaissance.” The city’s influence is evident in the interiors of Ferragamo’s store on Hollywood Boulevard, adorned with elements reminiscent of the Italian Renaissance. The decision to return to Florence marked the beginning of a new Ferragamo Renaissance, igniting a creative journey that would shape the brand’s future.

Palazzo Spini Feroni: A Beacon of Artistry

Palazzo Spini Feroni, Ferragamo’s headquarters, encapsulates the essence of the Florentine bottega. This historic space, dating back to the 13th century, embodies the workshop of master artists and craftsmen. The exchange of ideas and knowledge within this creative community amplified Ferragamo’s artistic vision, ultimately defining its unique character and influence.

Ferragamo and the Uffizi

Central to Ferragamo’s creative resurgence is its partnership with the Uffizi, an enduring symbol of Florence’s celebration of the Renaissance. The Uffizi’s history, dating back to the 16th century, underscores the importance of eternal ideas, art, beauty, and creativity.

Maximilian Davis: Architect of Ferragamo’s New Renaissance

Creative Director Maximilian Davis masterfully blends Ferragamo’s legacy with contemporary aesthetics. Collaborating with the Uffizi, Davis employs iconic artworks as backdrops, juxtaposing classic masterpieces with modern luxury. Through meticulous tailoring, opulent materials, and vibrant colors, Davis weaves a dialogue between tradition and progress.

Davis also extends an invitation to a diverse group of creatives, mirroring Salvatore’s engagement with his artistic community. Through their involvement, the New Renaissance campaign captures the essence of creativity in the making. The campaign photographer Tyler Mitchell and a cast of models, musicians, and creators come together to animate the mise en scene, breathing life into Ferragamo’s artistic vision.

Ferragamo’s New Renaissance campaign conceived by Maximilian Davis encapsulates the spirit of Florence and seamlessly incorporates it into the brand’s DNA. This renaissance not only redefines luxury but also heralds a new era of artistic collaboration and excitement for Ferragamo.