Ferragamo’s New Hug Bag: Where Legacy Meets Versatility, Elevating Everyday Elegance

October 13, 2023

In Ferragamo's Fall-Winter 2023 runway show, a new icon emerged that's destined to captivate the fashion world. Named the "Hug bag," its design takes inspiration from the very essence of a hug - evoking emotions, and spotlighting the intense dedication of the artisans behind its creation.

Legacy and Artistry

Drawing from Ferragamo’s long-standing legacy of unparalleled craftsmanship, the Hug bag stands as a timeless emblem of elegance and intricate refinement. Each piece resonates with the mastery of Florentine artisans, symbolizing a melding of heritage and innovation.

Anok Yai is seen carrying the Ferragamo Hug bag complimenting and elevating her look

Maximilian Davis

Under the creative genius of Maximilian Davis, the bag embodies a blend of tradition and modern sophistication. Davis’s vision skillfully fuses the luxury of daily ease with the timelessness of Ferragamo. Adding an artistic touch, Italian artist Paolo Ventura breathed new life into the design, offering his vibrant painted interpretation.

Detail and Design: A Closer Look

Constructed from diverse materials - grained leather, brushed calfskin, patent leather, and nubuck - the Hug bag showcases a unique asymmetrical design. With side panels that fold, and oblique Gancini closures, its intricate structure demands precision. As testament to its complexity, the top handle style amalgamates eighteen to twenty-seven pieces, intertwined with nine to sixteen metal elements, all refined with hand-lacquered edges.

Monica Belluci is seen carrying the Ferragamo Hug bag illuminating its versatility as a handbag for daytime or evening

Artisanal Mastery Visualized

The provided visuals transport us into the world of Ferragamo’s artisans. Every step - from cutting to finishing - unfolds with unmatched precision. It's a behind-the-scenes look that reveals the rigour and meticulousness involved in bringing the Hug bag to life.

Watch the craftsmanship and passion behind the making of Ferragamo's Hug bag in this video.

Variations and Availability

The Hug bag is versatile, available in three different designs - a pouch, and tote bags in medium and small sizes. These iterations come with concealable handles, protective metal feet, and removable shoulder straps. A rich color palette, from classic midnight blue to vibrant Ferragamo red, ensures there’s a Hug bag for every style enthusiast.

Set to become a coveted piece in the fashion world, the Hug bag is now available at Ferragamo boutiques, on, and selected global e-tailers and retailers. Explore the blend of tradition, innovation, and artistic mastery that is Ferragamo’s Hug bag.