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First Look: Emma Stone Stuns in a Custom Louis Vuitton Creation at ‘Poor Things’ Premiere

First Look: Emma Stone Stuns in a Custom Louis Vuitton Creation at ‘Poor Things’ Premiere

Emma Stone at the 'Poor Things' premiere in a bedazzled yellow Louis Vuitton gown, radiating elegance on the red carpet.

Amidst the star-studded evening at the New York City premiere of “Poor Things,” Emma Stone stood out in a breathtakingly custom gown by Louis Vuitton, marking another chapter in her fashion-forward journey.

Emma Stone, a vision in yellow, at the “Poor Things” premiere. Imagery courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

Unveiling the Craftsmanship

The gown, a marvel of design, was born from a delicate tulle canvas, brought to life with hand-embroidered crystals and mother-of-pearl. The artisans at Louis Vuitton transformed metallic wires into an organic tapestry, revealing a dress that mirrors the intricate beauty of nature.

Artisans wove magic into Emma Stone’s Louis Vuitton gown.

Elegance Woven in Tulle

The dress’s allure is deepened by a mastery of textile technique, layering and fraying tulle to fashion a transparent pattern that whispers of both sophistication and edge.

A symphony of tulle and light: the layered finesse of the gown.

Adorning a Muse: The Golden Flower Choker

Complementing the gown, a handcrafted golden flower choker, studded with glass pearls and crystals, sat gracefully at Emma’s neck— a testament to Louis Vuitton’s dedication to luxury that extends beyond attire.

The ornate pearl and hand embroidered details that created Emma Stone’s ensemble with elegance.

The Art of Time: Constructing Timeless Elegance

Over 550 hours were poured into the creation of this sartorial masterpiece, a testament to the patience and skill synonymous with haute couture.

A Star’s Sartorial Narrative

Emma Stone’s attire for the evening was not just a fashion statement, but a narrative intertwining with her persona and the thematic essence of “Poor Things”. Reflecting her ongoing collaboration with Louis Vuitton, her ensemble portrays the vibrancy of her character in the film. For deeper insights into her role and experiences during the making of ‘Poor Things,’ read Emma Stone’s exclusive interview with Variety here.

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