FORMS Unveiled: Gagosian and Deitch Redefine Artistic Boundaries at Art Basel Miami Beach

November 24, 2023

Gagosian and Jeffrey Deitch Present a Pioneering Group Exhibition

The Genesis of "FORMS"

In an exciting development for the art world, Gagosian announces a thematic group exhibition in collaboration with Jeffrey Deitch. Titled "FORMS," this showcase is set to redefine the boundaries between abstraction and figuration. Opening on December 5 in Miami’s Design District, this exhibition coincides with the celebrated Art Basel Miami Beach.

Intersecting Realms: A Symphony of Shape and Color by Urs Fischer
Urs Fischer Dew, 2023 Aluminum composite panel, aluminum honeycomb, polyurethane adhesive, epoxy primer, gesso, solvent-based screen printing paint, and water-based screen printing paint 96 x 76 3/4 inches (243.8 x 194.9 cm) © Urs Fischer Photo: Ulrich Ghezzi Courtesy the artist and Gagosian

A New Perspective on Modern Art

Modern art often oscillates between figuration and abstraction. "FORMS" explores alternatives to these traditional categories, focusing on how objects can act as surrogates for human reality. This exhibition plays with ambiguities, existing in a realm that combines nonrepresentational formalism with a realism of forms. It proposes new models for expressing the physical and symbolic complexities of the human body.

Albert Oehlen's Vibrant Dissonance: Ömega Man 2
Albert Oehlen Ömega Man 2, 2021 Oil and lacquer on canvas 63 x 94 1/2 inches (160 x 240 cm) © Albert Oehlen Photo: Stefan Rohner Courtesy Gagosian

Featured Artworks and Artists

"FORMS" features works from prominent artists like Tauba Auerbach, Carol Bove, Judy Chicago, Theaster Gates, Nari Ward, and many others. Each artist brings a unique perspective to the exhibition:

    • Albert Oehlen's "Ömega Man" Series: Inspired by the sci-fi movie "The Omega Man," Oehlen's works in this series portray simplified humanoid forms, highlighting themes of scientific development and humanity.
    • Theaster Gates' Traces of Humanity: Gates' works, including THIS WAY and Vessel #24, evoke human presence through materials that bear the marks of human activity.
    • Carol Bove's "Collage Sculpture": Bove’s Sinister Sappy Seeping uses stainless steel and urethane paint to create an abstract form that suggests a connection between inert material and living flesh.
    • Lauren Halsey's Urban Reflections: Her columnar "box" sculpture uses commercial signage to reflect on urban life, particularly in South Central Los Angeles.
    • Nari Ward's Symbolic Sculptures: His Soul Arch Fixed combines a surfboard and a Harlem church pew, symbolizing a blend of physical activity and spiritual experience.

Bridging Realism and Abstraction

The exhibition also features works that blur the lines between realism and abstraction. Tauba Auerbach's Foam uses a fine stippling technique to create images of air bubbles, bridging these artistic realms. Piero Golia's Basel Painting #1, created by a robot reacting to exhibition visitors, explores the intersection of human interaction and abstract creation.

Exploring the Human Presence

Adam McEwen's Rendezvous and Giuseppe Penone's hand-imprinted works demonstrate how everyday objects and personal marks can convey human presence and creativity.

Exhibition Details

"FORMS" presented by Gagosian and Jeffrey Deitch is not just an exhibition; it's a groundbreaking exploration of art's potential. The opening reception is on December 5 from 5–8 pm, and the exhibition runs until December 10.

Featured Artists

The exhibition includes works from Ai Weiwei, Ashley Bickerton, Sascha Braunig, John Chamberlain, Bita Fayyazi, Urs Fischer, Peter Halley, Madeline Hollander, Devin Johnson, Josh Kline, Li Shurui, Peter Nagy, Ariana Papademetropoulos, Steven Parrino, Brian Rochefort, Alexandria Smith, Philip Taaffe, Stanley Whitney, and others.

Visit the Exhibition

Located at Miami Design District, 35 NE 40th Street, Miami. The exhibition hours are as follows: Tuesday: 5–8 pm, Wednesday–Saturday: 10 am–8 pm, Sunday: 10 am–6 pm.