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From Evening Drama to Everyday Ease: Discover Paco Rabanne’s Party Metal Resort 24

From Evening Drama to Everyday Ease: Discover Paco Rabanne’s Party Metal Resort 24

Elevating Parisian Style, Paco Rabanne sets the stage for the Party Metal Resort 24 collection with captivating Eiffel Tower and Trocadero photo projections. Drawing inspiration from the electric and eclectic codes of Parisian style, the lineup reimagines the ’70s and ’90s references for a contemporary wardrobe. Divided into a Winter Holiday capsule and the Spring ’24 Pre-collection, the collection exudes extroverted élan and celebrates individuality.


Evening Drama and Everyday Ease

The collection showcases an array of evening and everyday looks that prioritize ease and individuality. Long dresses take center stage, featuring various materials and silhouettes ranging from gathered silk jerseys to body-grazing knit. A sheer sheath with metal mesh incrustations and stretch velour with a gathered torso in candy pink adds a dramatic touch. Styling details capture the season’s insouciance with ice cube-like straps and belts adorned with draped chains. Rivets and metal balls accentuate the silhouettes, while a wraparound snowflake scarf and knit layer embellished with geometric assemblage adds unexpected style elements.

Grunge with a Festive Twist

Grunge elements take on a festive attitude in the Party Metal Resort 24 collection. Lustrous metal mesh slip dresses are intricately incrusted with lace, while assemblage halter tops are paired with cashmere shorts. The constant juxtaposition of fancy elements and relaxed garments showcases the Maison’s DNA, combining intricate craftsmanship with youthful energy.


From Night to Day

As night transitions to day, the Pre-collection unveils a spirited range of wearable looks that effortlessly merge fashion and streetwear. Sparkling embroideries take on a dressed-down vibe, military elements become decorative accents, and sport meets sophistication. A coat trimmed with silver and cargo pants worn with a pastille belt showcases workwear reinterpreted in a distinctive Paco Rabanne style. Coordinated looks make a bold impression, including a flocked denim jacket and jeans ensemble, corduroy tailoring in billiard green, and stretch jersey ensembles adorned with a lush tapestry pattern. Mixing and remixing these pieces allows for cool creativity and personal expression.

Versatile Accessories and Edgy Details

The Party Metal Resort 24 collection introduces statement-making accessories and edgy details that elevate the overall aesthetic. Collaborative boots with New Rock embody an elevated grunge style and offer versatility across the collections. The collection also features a range of statement bags, including the compact and slouchy Paco shoulder style, new raffia iterations such as spacious cabas and a small bucket with contrasting black stripes, and the iconic 1969 pastilles in gleaming copper. Tubular mesh accessories like a magnet choker and bracelet adorned with metal balls effortlessly enhance the edge of any look, adding a touch of free-spirited flair.

The Party Metal Resort 24 collection by Paco Rabanne captures the essence of Parisian style with a contemporary twist. From glamorous evening looks to wearable streetwear, the collection offers a range of options that celebrate individuality and express a sense of ease. With its unique blend of fancy and relaxed elements, intricate craftsmanship, and edgy details, Paco Rabanne continues to push boundaries and redefine modern fashion.

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