From Rihanna to Lady Gaga: How Jackson Wiederhoeft, Thom Browne’s Protégé, is Reshaping the Fashion Landscape with Wiederhoeft’s Latest Collection

September 13, 2023

Julia Fox looks pretty in pink as she wears a dress with a cute poodle face in the front arriving at The Wiederhoeft runway show on the last day of NYFW New York, NY ⒸBabak RACHPOOT.COM

Conceptualized and nurtured under the mentorship of the iconic Thom Browne, Jackson Wiederhoeft's brand, Wiederhoeft, embarks on an exciting new journey. With five collections already etching a mark in the realms of special occasions and bridal wear, the shift into ready-to-wear feels like a natural progression. Jackson reflects, "It's not so much a transition but an unveiling of a new avenue."

The Maestro Behind the Magic: Jackson Wiederhoeft

A celebrated alumnus of the Parsons School of Design, Jackson clinched the coveted "Women’s Designer of the Year" accolade for his standout senior thesis collection. His designs have since draped renowned figures like Rihanna, Aquaria, Lil’ Kim, and Lady Gaga. A pivotal stint at Thom Browne refined Jackson's prowess in couture garment design, especially through his notable contributions to the women's runway collections. Embracing a new horizon, he ventured solo with the launch of the SS20 collection, "Spooky Couture."

The Latest Show: Night Terror at the Opera Unveiled

    • Act I “NIGHT TERROR”: Spotlighting unique masterpieces such as Kelsey Connolly’s corseted dress crafted in plush double-faced silk satin and Ryan van Compernolle's captivating "wasp" corset in bonded rose moiré. Every ensemble shines with meticulous detailing, highlighted by accessories like hand-embroidered gloves and bespoke jewelry, radiating Wiederhoeft's signature finesse.
    • Act II “DREAM”: The dream act unfurls with enchantments like Jaymes Law's long-sleeved column dress, ornately hand-embroidered with glass cut beads, and Richie Shazam's resplendent Victorian dress in pristine white silk Mikado.
    • Act III “NIGHTMARE”: A thematic extravaganza where Zoe McNeil and Scott Scheinder make a statement as the POODLE BRIDE and POODLE GROOM, adorned in outfits that are as evocative as they are detailed.

Behind the Curtains: The Team That Breathed Life into the Vision

A masterpiece is as much about its creators as the creation. Makeup was artistically executed by Sharryn Hinchliffe for MAC Cosmetics, with hair artistry by Karla Serrano for Cutler. Emily Castillo & Adrea Rubio crafted the perfect nail art. Applause to Austin Goodwin for Movement Direction & Casting, the Eyesight Group for their impeccable Production, and Lindsey Media for their strategic Public Relations.

Esteemed brands Manolo Blahnik and Akila Eyewear graciously accessorized, adding the final touches to Wiederhoeft's magnificent presentation.

Wiederhoeft's latest offering not only spotlights Jackson Wiederhoeft's unparalleled creative genius but also marks an exciting evolution for the brand. With such momentum, the fashion world awaits its next step with bated breath.