Fursac Spring Summer 2025: Riding the Wave of Elegance and Nostalgia

June 23, 2024

In an unexpected twist, Fursac's Spring Summer 2025 collection dives headfirst into the world of French surf culture, reimagining the gentleman surfer for the modern age. Creative Director Gauthier Borsarello channels the spirit of Arnaud de Rosnay, the legendary photographer and surfer, to create a collection that's as at home on the beaches of Biarritz as it is on the boulevards of Paris.

A Wardrobe Caught Between Two Worlds

Borsarello masterfully navigates the space between relaxed seaside style and sharp Parisian tailoring. The collection's standout pieces include a romantic belted overcoat adorned with a bespoke floral print inspired by the Atlantic coast's flora. This print serves as a visual metaphor for the collection's ethos – a blend of rock 'n' roll attitude and coastal charm.

The New Rules of Summer Dressing

Fursac's take on summer staples is anything but ordinary. Shorts are cut daringly short, paired unexpectedly with open shirts or cable-knit sweaters draped nonchalantly over the shoulders. The humble beach towel is elevated to high fashion status, reimagined as a series of terry cloth garments that blur the line between loungewear and streetwear.

Tailoring with a Twist

Even in its most formal offerings, Fursac injects a dose of seaside whimsy. A standout piece is the six-button crossed tuxedo in pink satin – a bold choice that can be styled with either a bow tie for classic elegance or a floral necklace for a touch of bohemian flair. The brand's signature suits are reimagined in summer-weight linens and feature unlined jackets, perfect for balmy evenings by the shore.

Workwear Meets Wavecraft

Borsarello's expertise in workwear shines through in pieces like the hickory stripe overall – a first for Fursac – and a double-faced wool jacket inspired by a vintage French design from the 1950s. These pieces underscore the brand's commitment to durability and functionality, qualities equally prized by surfers and style enthusiasts alike.

Collaborations that Make Waves

In a surprising move, Fursac joins forces with Hawaiian surfwear brand T&C Surf Designs for a capsule collection that marries French sophistication with laid-back beach vibes. The collaboration yields unique pieces like a terry cloth Baja hoodie and swim shorts that seamlessly blend the DNA of both brands.

Adding to the collaborative spirit, Fursac partners with MEPHISTO to revive the "Dribbler" sneaker. This Made-in-France model from the '90s gets a contemporary update, offering both style and comfort thanks to MEPHISTO's patented "Air Bag System."

A Sustainable Approach to Style

Fursac's Spring-Summer 2025 collection isn't just about looking good – it's about feeling good too. The brand's focus on high-quality, durable materials ensures that these pieces are built to last, encouraging a more sustainable approach to fashion. The inclusion of vintage pieces in the lookbook further emphasizes this ethos, demonstrating how new and old can coexist in a well-curated wardrobe.

As we look towards the summer of 2025, Fursac offers a vision of menswear that's both nostalgic and forward-thinking. It's a collection that invites us to slow down, unplug, and ride the wave of effortless style – whether we're catching waves in Biarritz or catching eyes on the Champs-Élysées.