GAUCHERE Sculpts a Narrative of Progressive Minimalism for Spring Summer 2024

September 30, 2023

Marie-Christine Statz, the innovative mind behind GAUCHERE, weaves a compelling narrative of nonlinearity and fragmentation for the Spring Summer 2024 collection. It transcends conventional fashion paradigms portraying a modern world through multi-layered narratives and fragmented perceptions, steeped in progressive minimalism.

Progressive Minimalism

The collection, comprising 35 looks, epitomizes intentional minimalism through the use of immaculate tailoring and harmonic tension. Silhouettes where sheer silk mousseline and opaque leather create a visual game of reveal and conceal within the contours of a singular silhouette.

Organic Shapes Channeling Contemporary Vibes

Statz transmutes the contemporary spirit into organic shapes and three-dimensional volumes, infusing monochromatic suits with a graphic essence. The collection, a marriage of relaxation and luxury, revisits tailoring, introducing innovations through sportswear materials and a spectrum of denim washings.

The diverse palette, punctuated by accents of saffron yellow and orange red, whisper the softer tones of the modern aesthetic, rendering each piece a silent proclamation of individuality and contemporary pursuit.

Fragmentation and Connection

The collection delves into disjointed connections, with wrapped and pleated fabrics converging to forge defining silhouettes with a cascade of understated luxury and innovative design prowess.

Eyewear designer AHLEM collaborates with GAUCHERE crafting pieces that resonate with architectural precision and subdued luxury, embodying unconventional femininity and a blend of formal and casual wear.

GAUCHERE: Subversion and Individuality

GAUCHERE, since its inception in 2013 by Marie-Christine Statz, has been the harbinger of non-exclusive, real, and individual-focused fashion, weaving tales of subversion and beauty into every look.

GAUCHERE’s Spring Summer 2024 Collection melds elegance with innovation and a distinctive fractured design ethos, mirroring the layered narratives of today's world and underscoring a collective fervor for luxurious, audacious design. Discover more at