GCDS SS24 Campaign Mends Italian Elegance with L.A. Paparazzi Culture

February 1, 2024

A woman in chic street style walks on a sunny L.A. sidewalk, accidentally spilling her drink while carrying a Giuliano's bag, in a candid GCDS campaign photo.

GCDS, the Italian fashion powerhouse known for its avant-garde designs and streetwear influence, has once again defied the norms with its Spring/Summer 2024 campaign, "Baci da L.A." In a groundbreaking collaboration with Backgrid, a leading celebrity paparazzi agency, GCDS transcends traditional fashion narratives by capturing the collection through candid, paparazzi-style photography in Los Angeles, blending the authentic Italian spirit with the glamorous allure of Hollywood.

A Nod to Italian Paparazzi Roots

The campaign pays homage to Italy's historical connection with the paparazzi phenomenon, transporting this energy to the vibrant streets of Los Angeles. This unique approach blurs the lines between the staged and the spontaneous, embodying the brand's signature irony and redefining luxury fashion with an immediate, raw edge. The choice of locations, inspired by Creative Director Giuliano Calza's favorite L.A. spots, seamlessly marries American pop culture with GCDS's "Made in Italy" ethos.

Spotlight on Signature Pieces

The "Baci da L.A." campaign showcases an array of GCDS's iconic ready-to-wear and accessory pieces. Highlights include the brand's signature crop tees and versatile logo hoodies, alongside the much-adored Heart Bag and the innovative Call-Me Comma Bag. The debut of the Comma Notte Bag, with its unique asymmetrical design and metallic accents, stands out as a testament to the brand's creative evolution.

A Dramatic Finale

The campaign's pièce de résistance is the stunning metallic maxi gown from the SS24 collection's closing look, captured in the iconic backdrop of Chateau Marmont. This ensemble, designed by Calza himself, dazzles with its silver lurex fabric and dramatic back drape, revealing a corset underneath, epitomizing the blend of boldness and sophistication that GCDS represents.

Beyond the Camera Lens

This campaign marks a significant departure from conventional fashion shoots, venturing into the realm of candid photography to capture the essence of the collection. Reflecting on this innovative approach, Giuliano Calza remarked on the authenticity and dynamic nature of L.A. as the ideal backdrop for bringing GCDS designs to life beyond the runway. This campaign not only showcases the brand's designs but also invites a dialogue on the interplay between fashion, celebrity culture, and the authenticity of the everyday.

A Community of Creatives

The success of the "Baci da L.A." campaign is attributed to a talented team of creatives, including stylist Ryan Dodson and photographer Backgrid USA, along with a diverse cast of models that bring the vibrant GCDS spirit to life. The campaign's seamless execution is a testament to the collaborative spirit that defines the GCDS brand.

In conclusion, GCDS's SS24 campaign, "Baci da L.A.," is more than just a fashion statement; it's a cultural phenomenon that celebrates the beauty in the unrehearsed, the strength of collaboration, and the enduring charm of Italian craftsmanship infused with the dynamic spirit of Los Angeles. For more information and to explore the SS24 collection, visit GCDS.COM.