Gentle Monster Unveils the 2024 Optical Collection: A Blend of Futurism and Fashion

October 24, 2023

Gentle Monster 2024 Optical Collection

As dawn breaks on October 24, 2023, the fashion world turns its gaze to Gentle Monster, the innovative eyewear brand known for its disruptive approach in design and marketing. The brand is set to unveil its 2024 Optical Collection, a line that promises a fusion of daring aesthetics and futuristic craftsmanship, challenging the conventions of traditional eyewear designs.

GENTLE MONSTER 2024 Optical Collection Campaign

The 2024 Optical Collection: Defying Norms

Scheduled for an official launch on November 2, 2023, the 2024 Optical Collection breaks new ground with its unique blend of sophisticated metal detailing and diverse lens tints. The collection diverges into an array of styles, from futuristic goggles to contemporary squares and oversized aviators, each making a distinct fashion statement. The hallmark of the collection is its star-shaped symbols on the temples, adding an exclusive touch to the eyewear.

'GENTLE HIGH SCHOOL': An Unconventional Campaign

Accompanying the release is the 'GENTLE HIGH SCHOOL' campaign, an inventive narrative that frames the eyewear within Gentle Monster's eclectic interpretation of the high school experience. Notables such as actress Nana Komatsu and musician Shinichi Osawa immerse themselves in this reimagined world, attending classes that blend robotics with martial arts, embodying the brand's ethos of luxury and experimentation.

Nana Komatsu and Shinichi Osawa star in the new GENTL MONSTER campaign

Experience the Unconventional in Seoul and Beijing

Elevating the launch, Gentle Monster invites enthusiasts to experience the collection firsthand through avant-garde pop-up spaces in Seoul and Beijing. These spaces, much like the brand, blur the lines between retail and wonder, offering an immersive experience that mirrors the high school-themed campaign.

Availability and Pricing: Luxury Meets Accessibility

With prices ranging from $269 to $400, the collection achieves a balance between luxury and accessibility. Consumers can explore and purchase these cutting-edge pieces both online and offline in various locations, including New York, Los Angeles, Costa Mesa, San Jose, and Houston, starting November 2, 2023.

About Gentle Monster: Redefining Eyewear

Since its inception in 2011, Gentle Monster has consistently pushed boundaries, establishing itself as a force incapable of being ignored. The brand’s foundational philosophy hinges on "luxury experimentation," a principle that permeates not just its eyewear designs but also its unconventional retail spaces and creative undertakings. Each pair of sunglasses and optical glasses stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to contrasting dualities and the human spirit's complex essence.

The Future of Fashion Eyewear

Gentle Monster's 2024 Optical Collection stands not merely as a product line but as a challenge to the fashion industry and a redefinition of what eyewear can represent. It encapsulates a future where fashion is not just seen but experienced, and where eyewear goes beyond utility, becoming a form of expressive art. The collection, from its unique designs to its thematic campaign, marks a moment of change, inspiring individuals to view the world through a different lens.

For more information and to view the new collection on November 2nd, visit Gentle Monster's website.