Gillian Gillies Interiors Presents The Climb Collection: A Sustainable Journey in Textiles and Design

August 24, 2023

Gillian Gillies Interiors, a renowned Toronto-based interior design firm, has recently unveiled its inaugural collection of one-of-a-kind quilts in collaboration with Marilyn B. Armand, the owner and designer of Le Point Visible. This collection, named "The Climb," is a reflection of Gillian Gillies' commitment to sustainability and her desire to create beautiful, timeless pieces while minimizing waste.

The Climb collection, one of four distinct quilts

A Collaborative Endeavor: The Climb Collection

The Climb collection, crafted in Montreal, Quebec, features four distinct variations of quilts that are stunning and environmentally conscious. Gillian Gillies, known for her timeless aesthetic and dedication to natural materials, joined forces with Marilyn B. Armand to create a collection that not only adds beauty to homes but also addresses the issue of excess fabric in the fashion industry. The fabrics used in The Climb collection are upcycled and sourced from fashion brands, including Ralph Lauren, contributing to the reduction of waste in the fashion sector.

Gillian Gillies

Elegance and Sustainability

Gillian Gillies curated the color palette for The Climb collection, selecting shades of linen, olive, saffron, rust, and salmon. Each quilt design embodies simplicity, featuring squares and stripes complemented by soft arches. While all the designs share a common point of view, each quilt possesses its own unique character and is reversible, showcasing patchwork and patterned sides.

My passion for sustainability originates from my Scottish heritage. I was born and lived in Edinburgh until I was 31 years old, so it is definitely a large part of my DNA. Vintage shopping for your home or wardrobe were things I just did growing up, and still do. That desire to have something with history, charm, and uniqueness still resonates strongly with me. It’s now viewed as a sustainable choice, but for me, it's simply a way to express my individuality.

A Vision for the Future: Bridging Fashion and Home

The collaboration between Gillian Gillies Interiors and Le Point Visible highlights the need to address waste in both the interior design and fashion industries. Gillies acknowledges the staggering waste generated by these sectors and aims to make a positive impact through her collection:

Le Point Visible takes excess fabrics from the fashion industry and makes beautiful bespoke quilts. Our first collaboration with them has resulted in a collection called The Climb which features both twin and queen-sized quilted throws. Each is unique, but all have a similar ethos and share a color palette.

With The Climb collection, Gillian Gillies Interiors embarks on a journey to bring quilting back to the modern era, bridging the gap between past traditions and contemporary sustainability. The collaboration not only breathes life into discarded fabrics but also redefines functional art.

For those intrigued by the intersection of design and sustainability, The Climb collection is now available for purchase at Gillian's Studio Shop, with international shipping options. The collection includes exquisite designs such as Indigo Stripe, Lettuce Star, Sky Star Queen, and Periwinkle Leaf. To learn more about Gillian Gillies Interiors and their dedication to sustainable design, visit