Gioli & Assisa premier a volcanic music video, ‘Fire, Hell, & Holy Water’

May 11, 2022

Giolì & Assia

Musical duo Gioli & Assia release a new music video "Fire, Hell, & Holy Water," filmed on the Fagradalsfjall Volcano in Iceland. The song "speaks of two worlds, each being the polar opposites of the other: Fire and Holy Water. The song is about a relationship where two people are incompatible. The relationship causes constant mutual harm, without each person being capable of giving up on each other."

Giolì wears coat by Blacklickorish, bodysuit by Trendhaus , pants by Diesel , boots by Dr. Martens. Assia wears coat by Blacklickorish, turtleneck by Isabel Marant, pants by Fiorucci, boots by Dr. Martens

The official video of "Fire, Hell, & Holy Water" constitutes the first chapter of the new album for Giolì & Assia. The Icelandic Volcano, Fagradasfjall, was chosen as the first location to communicate the energetic power of the song. It speaks of fire, hell, and the movement of energy. An image that can only be fully painted by a volcano.

Choreographer Marika Veca, adds life to the video through her rhythm and movements. They recall the power of a volcanic eruption. The sound of the handpan represents the sweetness and refinement of ‘Holy Water.' The red outfits are an expression of the power of fire. The dancer seems to embody divinity. The power expressed by her dance creates a union with the drop of the song. It enchants the viewer and catapults them into a mystical reality.

Written and Edited by: Giolì & Assia
Cameras: Graziano Piazza, Marco Photi, Nathan William Roach
Performer: Marika Veca
Stylist: Star Burleigh
Stylist Assistant: Lilit Shahinayn
Makeup Artist: Debora Artese
Logistics: Miroslaw Tran Latex
Jackets by Blacklickorish