Givenchy pre-spring summer 2022

July 3, 2021

Creative Director of Givenchy, Matthew M. Williams presents the men's and women's Givenchy pre-collection spring/summer 2022 show in Paris.

“In my collections, I always speak to lived reality. For Spring 2022, our first pre-collection runway show, I wanted to bring together my American roots and my brand new life in Paris. There’s an energy of striking out for a new adventure, of drawing on something familiar yet creating something completely new. Chito made an ideal collaborator because we share that storyline; we speak the same language. Like me, he expresses his distinct visual signatures through unique pieces that give people total freedom to make creations their own personal statement.”

Matthew M. Williams, Creative Director, Givenchy

Matthew M. Williams, Creative Director, Givenchy

Tapping inspiration from his new home in France and his American roots, Matthew M. Williams sought to combine the two influences in this collection. Presenting the collection in a train yard, the setting emphasizes the bridging of location, reference, and dialogue. Interestingly, Williams asked Seattle-born, Mexico-based artist CHITO to collaborate on clothing, accessories, and RIMOWA suitcases. CHITO is well known for his signature graffiti tags and has done frequent collaborations with streetwear brand, Supreme. The unusual collaboration reiterates a post-modern flattening between high and low, formal wear and streetwear, as well as the metaphorical bridge between the two cultures.

The Givenchy Spring 2022 pre-collection will be available in-store starting November 5th, 2021. Explore the collection and film below, courtesy of Givenchy.