Givenchy reveals surreal campaign starring Playboi Carti

September 2, 2022


Givenchy unveils the global advertising campaign for fall winter 2022 by Creative Director, Matthew M. Williams and photographed by Nick Knight. The surreal campaign introduces a fresh visual narrative for Givenchy.

"Contrasting moods and materials express moments that are both intimate and universal, subtly evoking the tension between reality and surrealism Bathed in ethereal light, a diverse, multi-hyphenate cast embodies the Givenchy ethos of individualistic style, suggesting rich inner worlds that exist beyond surface appearances. A model may also be a rap star, a health advocate, or an emerging voice like Ethel Cain, whose highly awaited debut album was released in May 2022."

The faces in this season’s campaign really represent what Givenchy means today. It’s a uniquely eclectic group each model is an icon in their own right.

Creative Director, Matthew M. Williams