Givenchy’s Homage to Hubert: The Fall-Winter 2024 Men’s Collection

January 20, 2024

Givenchy Men's FW24

Givenchy's Fall-Winter 2024 Menswear Collection pays tribute to the timeless elegance of its founder, Hubert de Givenchy. Presented in the historic salons of 3, Avenue George V, the collection encapsulates the duality of Hubert's life—his sartorial formality fused with a personal flair for the dramatic and the nonchalant.

Heritage Reimagined

The collection recontextualizes the 'blouse blanche,' the white workwear blouse favored by Hubert de Givenchy, transforming it into an elegant staple of the modern man's wardrobe. This nod to the past is seen in the precision of tailoring that mirrors the meticulousness of haute couture, cut with a modern edge that speaks to today's aesthetic.

A Palette of Parisian Elegance

Sapphire blues, a beloved hue of the founder and a chic alternative to black, dominate the collection. The crisp silhouette of Parisian playboys is reinterpreted with voluminous trousers and daring cuts, embodying the collection's punk and glam inspirations.

Interplay of Masculine and Feminine

The collection unfolds a dance between the masculine and feminine, much like Hubert's own wardrobe. A chandelier motif from Givenchy's archives, rendered in metal embroidery with crystals and pearls, contrasts with teddy coats, bombers, and chenille-constructed coats that suggest resilience and comfort.

Military Meets Magnificence

Military Meets Magnificence

Military influences are reimagined in wool, leather, and ponyskin, creating a robust but refined look. The use of unshorn shearling and synthetic hair accents injects a sense of the eccentric—a hallmark of Givenchy’s vision.

Accessories and Adornments

The iconic cat motif leaps onto bags and garments, accompanied by the revival of the 2G emblem on buckles. Long necklaces and signet rings carry personal emblems of the founder, while sunglasses boast flamboyant tints, all contributing to a renewed vision of the gentleman's attire.

Footwear and Functionality

The gentleman's slipper is re-envisioned as a sleek loafer, derby, and mule, crafted with luxurious materials and a nod to comfort. The bold-toe silhouette boots showcase leather cord detailing, bridging traditional craftsmanship with modern functionality.

Bags Reborn

The Voyou and Pandora bags are reinvented with textures like deerskin, textiles, and velvet cowhide, capturing Hubert de Givenchy's affinity for nature and the equestrian spirit.

Givenchy's Fall-Winter 2024 Collection is not just a lineup of garments and accessories; it is a celebration of a legacy, a blend of the founder's personal style with contemporary interpretations. It is an invitation to experience the elegance of dressing, with a whisper of rebellion and a promise of innovation.