Glenn Martens Transforms Contemporary Fashion with Y/Project’s Spring/Summer 2024 Collection

October 3, 2023

Paris, the city of lights, was abuzz with excitement as Y/Project unveiled its latest collection. The magnetic pull of Glenn Martens, the brand's Creative Director, attracted a sea of young, style-conscious enthusiasts. Once again, Martens illustrated his unparalleled expertise in melding classic aesthetics with avant-garde twists, seamlessly blending inspirations from the architectural marvels of his Belgian hometown to the sensuous elegance of reptiles.

Denim: More than Just a Fabric

Y/Project has an undeniable affinity for denim. This season, it was reimagined in bold and unexpected ways. With colors ranging from soft lavender to striking acid yellow and deep wine red, the fabric transformed into a canvas of creativity. Martens pushed boundaries with jeans that seemed to integrate with work boots and his signature technique of twisting and draping traditional designs, questioning and evolving our conventional understanding of fashion.

A Nod to His Roots

Martens' homage to the architectural brilliance of Bruges was a nod to his deep-seated connection with his heritage. While the inspiration might be subtle to the casual observer, those familiar with the Gothic towers of Belgium could discern their influence in the collection's meticulous details and silhouettes.

This season brought forth an array of prints that mirrored Martens' more complex designs. His reinterpretation of folds, pleats, and worn-out lace recalled the legendary photocopy dresses by Martin Margiela. The collection was a sensory feast, from blazers adorned with blazing motifs to shorts that fused athletic and classic fabrics, showcasing Martens’ flair for blending diverse materials.

The Reptilian Allure

Stealing the show were the serpentine accessories. The runway came alive with models adorning couture-grade snake necklaces, a bold juxtaposition to the collection's intricate designs. And it wasn't just the jewelry—bags, reminiscent of weathered leather jackets, and those stamped with the Y/Project insignia, added depth to the collection.

In Retrospect

Y/Project's SS24 presentation stands as yet another collection full of Glenn Martens' visionary approach. With every look, he challenges norms while championing individuality. The collection, a symphony of architectural musings, playful deconstruction, and Martens' trademark nuances, firmly positions Y/Project at the zenith of fashion innovation. Discover more at