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GOBI Cashmere Presents “The Face” Collection: A Fusion of Mongolian Beauty and Italian Elegance

GOBI Cashmere Presents “The Face” Collection: A Fusion of Mongolian Beauty and Italian Elegance

GOBI Cashmere

Mongolia’s premier cashmere brand, GOBI Cashmere, is poised to take the luxury world by storm with the launch of its latest collection, “The Face.” Designed under the creative leadership of the brand’s new Chief Designer, Giorgio Spina, this collection made its debut on the Mongolian runway and is set to dazzle around the globe.

A Celebration of Cultures and Styles

“The Face” Collection draws its inspiration from Mongolia’s awe-inspiring natural beauty and ties it back to sleek elegance of Italian design. The collection’s color palette reflects its origins, featuring bold blacks, fiery reds, and earthy tones inspired by Mongolia’s breathtaking landscapes. This diverse range offers elevated fall fashion staples suitable for every occasion.

Comprising 64 unique styles, with 30 crafted from organic cashmere, this collection epitomizes luxury and sustainability. From chic structured outerwear to irresistibly soft chunky sweaters, tailored pants, and delicate featherweight scarves, each piece is meticulously created using the finest Mongolian cashmere, underscoring GOBI’s unwavering commitment to quality and traceability.

A Grand Celebration of Heritage

To mark the collection’s unveiling, GOBI Cashmere hosted its first fashion show in over a decade. This spectacular event took place at the revered Choijin Lama Temple in Ulaanbaatar, the heart of Mongolia and GOBI’s global hub. The show paid homage to the brand’s deep-rooted heritage, blending traditional Mongolian elements with contemporary fashion aesthetics. It exemplified GOBI’s profound respect for its Mongolian origins and its dedication to showcasing local craftsmanship on the global stage.

Meet the Creative Force: Giorgio Spina

Giorgio Spina, the brilliant mind behind “The Face” Collection, brings a wealth of experience and passion for knitwear to this collaboration. With a profound understanding of the art of knitting and a commitment to high-quality production, Spina has woven inspiration and conscious choices into each stunning piece.

Having previously collaborated with industry giants like Kanye West, Alpha, Gran Sasso, and more, Giorgio Spina now channels his expertise and enthusiasm into a stylistic project centered around the world’s finest fiber: Mongolian cashmere. His love for knitwear has forged close relationships with artisans, from skilled knitters to yarn technicians, chemists, and dyers. He has immersed himself in a world of mastery, ingenuity, and technique.

A Journey into Mongolia’s Landscapes

Giorgio Spina shares his vision for the Fall 2023 collection: “We dug into the landscapes of Mongolia to get the essentials: roots, care, freedom, trust. The message is immediate: everything that is material has been able to transport us, and like a song, it has accompanied us, giving shape to large volumes and new combinations. Even the simplest workmanship is not trivial.”

Sustainability and Ethical Practices at the Core

At GOBI Cashmere, traceability and ethical production practices are non-negotiable. As a vertically integrated company, GOBI carefully oversees every aspect of the production process, ensuring sustainability and ethics at every step. From raw cashmere processing to yarn creation and final production, everything happens in-house at their factory in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. This approach reflects GOBI’s deep commitment to honoring those who contribute to the supply chain and investing in Mongolia’s future.

Discover “The Face” Collection by GOBI Cashmere

With prices starting from just $179, “The Face” Collection will be available for purchase globally on September 8th through GOBI Cashmere’s official website. Explore this remarkable collection of Mongolian natural beauty with Italian elegance. GOBI Cashmere invites you to be part of this exquisite journey, where tradition and innovation come together in harmony.

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