Ground Y and Crunchyroll Join Forces to Unveil Exclusive Hell’s Paradise Fashion Collaboration with Nod to Yohji Yamamoto

August 26, 2023

Ground Y, an avant-garde fashion brand known for breaking the barriers of genderless and ageless style, joins forces with Crunchyroll, the ultimate global hub for anime enthusiasts. This exciting partnership introduces an exclusive limited fashion collaboration that pays homage to the intricate universe and characters of "Hell's Paradise."

Celebrating Hell's Paradise

The distinct design philosophy of Ground Y merges with Crunchyroll's anime expertise to birth a special limited edition collection that captures "Hell's Paradise." This unique collection is available from today until August 31, both in-store and online across Japan. Notably, Crunchyroll extends its support for the online launch to North America, Latin America, Europe, and Australia / New Zealand, underscoring the global impact of anime culture.

The 13-Piece Collection: A Glimpse into Hell's Paradise

A collaborative venture of innovation and creativity, this collection comprises 13 meticulously designed pieces that expertly incorporate the unique aesthetics and characters of "Hell's Paradise." From shirts adorned with vivid floral and butterfly motifs on the collar – central to the series – to striking T-shirts that reveal characters' visages, the collection celebrates fashion and anime artistry.

From Manga to Fashion: Hell's Paradise

Inspired by Yuji Kaku's acclaimed manga, "Hell's Paradise" brings to life a tale of convicts and executioners dispatched to a remote island in pursuit of the enigmatic "Elixir of Life." Animated by the esteemed MAPPA studio, recognized for works like "Attack on Titan Final Season" and "JUJUTSU KAISEN," the series offers both captivating visuals and profound thematic depth. These elements translate into the compelling capsule collection. Fans can also stream "Hell's Paradise" on Crunchyroll.

Official Hell’s Paradise Synopsis

"Gabimaru, once the most ruthless assassin in his village, now finds himself on death row. His sole path to freedom involves retrieving the 'Elixir of Life' from a sinister island. With fellow convicts in pursuit of the same prize and malevolent beasts lurking, Gabimaru and his handler, the executioner Yamada Asaemon Sagiri, embark on a perilous quest for survival." To explore the collection and delve into the world of "Hell's Paradise," visit