Gucci Leading the Way in Metaverse Fashion

November 16, 2023

Gucci has always been one of the most progressive fashion labels in the industry, and the legendary brand could now be leading others forward into new, unchartered territory. The metaverse is coming, and many people will soon start living their daily lives within virtual reality worlds. Luckily, fashion appears ready to adapt.

Gucci is one of a few designers who are starting to prepare for the VR future, and its innovative virtual experiences are likely to inspire many others to follow suit.

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Gucci Pioneering Virtual Experiences

The metaverse will have blown up by 2030 – at least that’s what VR industry projections are saying. According to them, it will be worth more than $435 billion by then. Gucci has spotted the need to evolve and has already dedicated an entire team to developing projects for the technology. That’s the Dream Big wing, and it has the sole aim of creating projects for the metaverse and Web3.

Gucci is gearing up for its first show under the leadership of Sabato De Sarno, the new creative director. This will be a worldwide metaverse event, unlike any that has ever been seen before. It’s taking place across three major platforms at the same time – covering the bases globally, so to speak. For example, most Western viewers will be able to watch on Roblox, while people in different regions will log on to Zepeto and QQ.  

The event consists of three different visual experiences for viewers to enjoy, giving Gucci a chance to showcase what’s possible in this virtual environment. Along with a model based on Milan, for people to explore, there’s set to be an outdoor show and a Gucci Ancora event.

Metaverse Could Push the Boundaries of the Fashion Industry

The metaverse has the potential to push the boundaries of the fashion industry and take forward leaps and bounds. Up to now, the world’s most popular bustling online environments have always given users the opportunity to build their own avatars and decide how they look. It’s likely that this will continue to happen when people enter metaverses through VR headsets. In this case, there’s a good chance that Web3 users will be purchasing metaverse fashion items as NFTs, giving rise to a brand new form of retail when it comes to threads.

Metaverse users may be able to change their outfits instantly depending on the environment that they find themselves in. If Mark Zuckerberg's predictions come true, people will be spending most of their waking hours in the metaverse, either for work, socializing, or leisure. It would make sense for them to be able to call upon different digital clothing items to suit each situation.

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An example of this could be when metaverse user enters their digital workplace, they’ll instantly find themselves adorned with their favorite office garments. In social settings, they could attire themselves in garbs that reflect their personality more. There are likely to be places that require specific dress codes for people to enter as well, such as social clubs and entertainment settings.

For instance, many casinos in the real world will have standards that players need to meet to be able to enter. This could be brought to the virtual world soon, with gambling sites that potentially offer exclusive experiences. Currently, when players search for the real money online casinos, the online platforms are separated based on aspects such as their welcome bonuses and payment methods. Players may also check how many games are available and if there are live options. In the future, casinos could also use virtual dress codes to stand out from the competition.

Which Other Brands are Gearing up for the Metaverse?

Gucci isn’t the only major label that’s gearing up for a new future for fashion in Web3. Balenciaga and Burberry are two other huge names that are starting to get involved with the pixelated side of design. The Parisian brand was the first in the world to introduce NFT wearables, which were released in collaboration with Fortnite in 2021. In addition to that, Balenciaga has also experimented with VR fashion shows.

Burberry embarked on a highly ambitious digital project in which it recreated its flagship store in pixelated form. Shoppers were able to explore and examine different clothing items before making purchases. On top of that, the British brand released its own multiplayer fashion game.

The metaverse looks like it’s on the way, and fashion is evolving in anticipation. Gucci is one of many legacy brands that are seeking to ensure they can continue to thrive in Web3. It’s time to get excited about what innovative fashion could emerge in the years ahead.