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Gucci pre-fall 2018

Gucci pre-fall 2018


Gucci presents its prefall 2018 lookbook. Photographed at various locations throughout Rome by Peter Schlesinger, the lookbook is an homage to the atmospheres of Dario Argento‘s films. Argento was influential for his work in giallo horror films during the 70s and 80s; his work can still be felt today in modern horror movies. At once timeless and modern, the prefall ’18 collection transports you into Alessandro Michele‘s unique vision and appreciation for historical elegance.

Photos by Peter Schlesinger. Courtesy of Gucci.

Locations of note:
Quartiere Coppedè  (Coppedè Quarter), Rome: filming location from the movies “L’Uccello dalle Piume di Cristallo” (1970) and “Inferno” (1980)
Ospedale Odontoiatrico George Eastman (Dental Hospital George Eastman), Aula Magna, Roma: filming location for the Aula Magna scene of the movie “Inferno” (1980)
Hotel Mediterraneo, Rome
Casina delle Civette, Rome





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