Gucci Presents Gucci Horsebeat Society Celebrating the Iconic Horsebit Loafer

June 18, 2023

On the occasion of the Gucci Spring-Summer 2024 Men's Collection at Milan Fashion Week, Gucci presents an expansive showcase in celebration of an icon: the Gucci Horsebit Loafer. Titled Gucci Horsebeat Society, this immersive event marks 70 years since the creation of the emblematic Horsebit Loafer and brings together an array of installations by ten international artists, designers, and creatives. Curated by Alessio Ascari, the exhibition explores the iconography of the Horsebit Loafer through transformative reinterpretations that combine fashion, art, and audio-visual elements.

Honoring the Legacy of the Horsebit Loafer

Conceived by Aldo Gucci in 1953 as a loafer embellishment, the Horsebit—a miniature of the metal clamp of a horse’s bridle—has become a universal emblem for Gucci. As a signifier of the community embodied by the House, it has been interpreted over seven decades in hardware and motifs across accessories, jewelry, and ready-to-wear.

The Gucci Horsebeat Society Exhibition

The multi-faceted exhibition, taking place at Spazio Maiocchi, provides a framework for the static presentation of the Men's Collection. The event showcases the works of ten artists, designers, and creatives who offer their unique interpretations of the Horsebit Loafer. From installations to audio-visual experiences, the exhibition presents a diverse and innovative take on this timeless emblem.

Exploring the Artistic Spaces

The exhibition curated by Alessio Ascari offers visitors a multi-disciplinary experience. Each space within the exhibition highlights the transformative power of the Horsebit Loafer and its impact on art and fashion.

In the courtyard of Spazio Maiocchi, the Russian architect and multi-media artist Harry Nuriev creates a conceptual 'patio' where the Horsebit is incorporated into furniture design. The Italian visual artist Anna Franceschini curates a 'cabinet of curiosities' showcasing Gucci archival artifacts.

Inside the 'bedroom' space, captivating imagery by American photographer Charlie Engman and historical artwork by Swiss artist Sylvie Fleury evoke the spirit of the Horsebit. The main gallery space features a theatrical 'dining room' with a surreal table design by American sculptor Pitterpatter, accompanied by fantastical creatures from Canadian digital artist Blatant Space.

In the cinema room, a film by British photographer and filmmaker Bolade Banjo traces the journey of the Horsebit through historical imagery and contemporary footage. The immersive viewing experience is enhanced by 'light sculptures' created by South Korean designer Gyuhan Lee, drawing inspiration from traditional hanji paper-making techniques.

The Gucci Spring-Summer 2024 Men's Collection

Within the exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the collection alongside the Horsebit Loafer. Set in a 'closet' space adorned with a collage wallpaper by Australian image-maker Ed Davis, the collection is showcased on mannequins, creating a meta conversation between the fashion pieces and the iconic footwear.

Gucci Horsebeat Society is a testament to the enduring legacy of the Horsebit Loafer. This immersive exhibition invites visitors to explore the artistic interpretations of the Horsebit Loafer and its significance within the Gucci brand. As fashion and art converge at Spazio Maiocchi during Milan Fashion Week, Gucci celebrates 70 years of the Horsebit Loafer, paying tribute to its timeless style and cultural impact.