Gucci ‘Epilogues’ resort 2021

July 23, 2020

Creative director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele presented the resort 2021 collection through a lookbook dotted with commentary and detail.

The collection, titled Epilogue, is the closing chapter of a tale described as questioning the rules, roles, and functions that keep the world of fashion spinning.

While this experimentation reverses the traditional fashion perspectives, viewers are led down a deforming path, where things are upside down and the gaze is always somewhere else. Throughout this path, the locations that Alessandro Michele chose for the Epilogue ad campaign, shot by photographer Alec Soth and directors Damiano and Fabio D’Innocenzo, echo the striking contrasts that shaped the tale. The grandiose, stately surroundings of the late-mannerist Palazzo Sacchetti offer a fascinating view on the eclectic group of people inhabiting it in the shots, and the graffiti-covered walls of the Campo Boario show the further layers of these intriguing idiosyncrasies.

Explore the full collection and film below, courtesy of Gucci.

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