Gucci Serves Up Retro Chic: The Tennis Special Collection Reimagines 70s Court Style

June 28, 2024

In a grand slam of style, Gucci has unveiled its latest ace: the Tennis Special Collection. Debuting globally on June 25, 2024, this capsule serves up a delectable blend of retro charm and contemporary luxury that's sure to be a smash hit both on and off the court.

Vintage Vibes Meet Modern Moves

Drawing inspiration from its rich archives dating back to the 1970s, Gucci has reimagined classic tennis attire with a dose of Italian sophistication. The collection pays homage to an era when the House first dipped its toes into the world of tennis, expanding its repertoire to include accessories and shoes tailored for the sport.

Tennis champions Emma Cohen and George Loffhagen star in the new Gucci Tennis Collection.

The star of this throwback show? The iconic Tennis 1977 sneaker – one of the first luxury brand sneakers to grace the courts. Now, it returns in pristine white canvas and leather, ready to make a statement alongside its younger sibling, the Gucci Ace sneaker, adorned with the unmistakable GG monogram.

A Match Made in Fashion Heaven

To showcase this ace collection, Gucci has enlisted rising tennis stars Emma Cohen and George Loffhagen. These young athletes embody the collection's spirit, bringing a fresh energy to the campaign that perfectly balances the vintage-inspired designs with their contemporary appeal.

From sleek dresses to sophisticated polos, and matching sets that scream "couple goals" on the court, the collection offers a comprehensive wardrobe for the fashion-forward tennis enthusiast. But it's not just about the clothes – Gucci has thought of everything. A new duffle bag, racquet backpack, and shoe holder, all featuring the white-on-white GG monogram and signature Web stripe, ensure you'll be the most stylish player from locker room to center court.

The Web Stripe: A Thread Through Time

Speaking of the Web stripe, this iconic Gucci code takes center stage in the collection, weaving together past and present. It's a visual reminder of the House's enduring legacy, infusing each piece with a timeless elegance that transcends trends.

Where to Score This Winning Look

Fashion-forward tennis fans can now get their hands on the Gucci Tennis collection at select stores worldwide. Exclusive displays in fashion capitals Milan, London, and Paris offer an immersive experience into this retro-chic world. For those who prefer to shop from the comfort of their own baseline, the collection is also available online at

A Stylish Deuce of Creativity

Under the creative direction of Sabato De Sarno, this collection proves that Gucci's game is stronger than ever. As the House celebrates over a century of redefining luxury, the Tennis Special Collection stands as a testament to its ability to innovate while honoring its rich heritage.

So, whether you're a seasoned pro or just in it for the love of the game (and impeccable style), Gucci's Tennis Special Collection offers something for everyone. It's more than just sportswear – it's a fashion statement that says you're ready to ace life both on and off the court. Game, set, match, Gucci.