Sabato de Sarno and Billie Eilish at LACMA in Gucci

Sabato de Sarno and Billie Eilish wearing Gucci outfits, pose together at a LACMA event, with event attendees in the background.

This photo captures Sabato de Sarno and Billie Eilish at a LACMA event, both sporting Gucci ensembles. De Sarno is in a sleek, all-black suit that exudes classic elegance, while Eilish stands out in a patterned black outfit with the distinctive Gucci logo and an accentuated collar, her red-tinted hair providing a pop of color. They both share a moment in the spotlight on the plush red carpet, their attire reflecting the high fashion prestige of the evening. The scene is set against a backdrop of lively event attendees, adding a vibrant atmosphere to the photograph.

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