Technological Echoes: Taezoo Park’s ‘Tower-1’ at Gucci Wooster

Art installation 'Tower-1' by Taezoo Park, 2024, composed of stacked vintage televisions and electronic devices, set against a rustic brick wall backdrop.

The photograph depicts ‘Tower-1’, an art installation by Taezoo Park, created in 2024. This contemporary piece is an assemblage of various vintage television sets and electronic devices, meticulously stacked in a tall, free-standing shelving unit. Each screen displays different patterns, static, or visuals, contributing to the work’s dynamic and eclectic feel. The installation stands in stark contrast to the rough, time-worn texture of the exposed brick wall behind it, illustrating a blend of obsolete technology with enduring materials. The piece plays with themes of technology, obsolescence, and digital culture, inviting viewers to reflect on the rapid pace of technological change and its remnants.

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