Lucio Fontana’s ‘Concetto Spaziale’ – A Harmonious Contrast at Gucci Wooster

Artwork 'Concetto Spaziale' by Lucio Fontana, displayed on an exposed brick wall, featuring a green canvas with a central punctured motif.

The image features the artwork “Concetto Spaziale” by Lucio Fontana, created in 1966. It is a minimalist piece, consisting of a monochromatic green canvas that has been punctured with a series of holes to form an ovular central motif. This signature technique of Fontana’s brings a three-dimensional quality to the otherwise flat surface, playing with the concepts of space and dimensionality. The artwork is mounted on an exposed brick wall, offering a stark and textural contrast that highlights the simplicity and the avant-garde nature of the piece. The blending of the artwork with the rustic backdrop is reflective of the Wooster boutique’s fusion of modern art and historical architecture.

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