Haute Couture Takes to the Streets: Exploring the World of Street Style at Thom Browne, Schiaparelli, and Dior AW23 Collections in Paris

July 7, 2023

As Thom Browne, Schiaparelli, and Dior unveil their Haute Couture Autumn-Winter 2023 collections in Paris, the city's streets transform into their own dynamic fashion show. Amidst the buzz of the shows, let's explore the world of Haute Couture street style, where individuality and high fashion collide—photography by Tonya Matyu.

At Schiaparelli: Artistic Expressions

At Schiaparelli, artistic expression takes center stage. Street style outside the venue reflects this spirit, featuring vibrant colors, bold prints, and unexpected combinations. Attendees showcase Schiaparelli's looks, embellished details, and head-turning accessories, creating a visually arresting, thought-provoking street-style scene.

At Thom Browne: Eccentric Elegance

Thom Browne's show draws a fashion crowd with a penchant for eccentric and elegant style. Expect avant-garde silhouettes, tailored suits with unique twists, and experimental textures. Streetstyle embraces Browne's signature grey palette, whimsical details, and exaggerated proportions, resulting in an American blend of quirkiness and sophistication.

At Dior: Timeless Elegance

Dior's Haute Couture show epitomizes timeless elegance infused with a contemporary edge. Street style outside the Dior venue effortlessly combines sophistication with fashion-forward flair. Attendees embody the house's heritage through impeccably tailored pieces, refined monochromatic looks, and iconic Dior accessories, resulting in an alluring tableau of classic looks meeting with modern elements.

As Haute Couture AW23 unfolds in Paris, the streets become an open-air fashion spectacle. Thom Browne, Schiaparelli, and Dior inspire guests to showcase their individuality and creativity through captivating fashion choices. From Browne's eccentric elegance to Schiaparelli's artistic expressions and Dior's timeless yet contemporary allure, Haute Couture style in Paris captures the essence of fashion as an art form. Stay tuned for more.