Celine women’s summer 2021

October 26, 2020

Hedi Slimane shows the Celine 2021 collection in Monaco. Following the men's Summer 2021 collection "The Dancing Kid," the women's collection takes a similar approach emphasizing style and the influence of Gen Z. Though much has been written about the influence of TikTok on Slimane, it's important to see the collection in the greater context of the language and brand codes Slimane has been meticulously built at Celine since he came to the helm in 2018.

For the women's collections, it's hard to forget the shift into the late-70s Parisian aesthetic that Slimane pushed the brand into after the first few seasons. That breezy high street aesthetic – one that says stylish without trying is actually the same idea behind the wardrobing of today's youth. We see these two ideas from two very different decades and generations evolve together in the Summer 2021 collection.

High waisted jeans and the signature Celine blouse walk next to windbreakers, leather jackets, drawstring shorts. Two different ways of expressing the same idea but from two different perspectives. Even the stately and formal Celine leather goods compliment and elevate otherwise casual styling without looking out of place. This is a collection about versatility and egalitarianism – it's very wearable and yet there are so many looks that would still make a statement on the street or on your TikTok 'For You' page. Slimane has certainly beat back at the algorithm with this fun and sporty collection.

Images and video courtesy of Celine.