Hermès men’s summer 2023

June 27, 2022

hermes mens summer 2023

Hermès unveils the Men's Summer 2023 show as part of Paris Fashion Week, Men's. Designed by Véronique Nichanian, the collection is an ode to "a bright, vibrant summer; the joy of being together. The vacation spirit, a magic destination both joyous and serene, with the breeze imperceptibly ruffling the clothes that enfold you. A feeling of lightness makes you float in the sunlight."

Color palette

This is a breezy collection punctuated with a poetic color palette: lemonade, lagoon, lilac, bubblegum, melon. Under the right light they sometimes turn white or pastel.

Carefully selected refined prints seem to move on their own volition. "Lines deviate slightly on their sloping path to freedom. A shirt proudly displays a bold and charming seahorse, or a spectacular giant crayfish."


Hermès' enduring attention to detail and the finest quality fabrications continue with Summer 2023. Berlingot canvas, nubuck calfskin, crepe cotton serge, perforated leather, sunset tints are a few of the materials used. "The collection is precise, crafted with the refinement of the hand and the nonchalance of a mind that is free of barriers."


The show was presented in the open-air enclosure of the Manufacture des Gobelins. Cyril Teste, close partner of Creative Director Véronique Nichanian, imagined a gesture in the form of a canvas sliding out of the building, swaying slightly in the breeze before disappearing – as if diving – through a workshop window."

Explore the full Hermès Men's Summer 2023 collection below. Photography provided by Filippo Fior, courtesy of Hermès.

Runway looks