Hermès SS24: A Luxurious Ode to Earth’s Elegance

October 6, 2023

Hermès Women's SS24. Photo by Jack Day.

In the gentle embrace of a meadow transitioning from spring to summer, where the horizon is kissed by sunlight and the wind playfully ruffles both tall grasses and delicate fabrics, Hermès' SS24 collection is unveiled. Hermès' latest offering embodies the essence of these moments: the unhurried picnics, melodious birdsongs, and nature's embrace.

Harmony in Design

Each silhouette gracefully dances through the meadow, contouring and flowing with the natural rhythm of the body. These designs capture the very spirit of freedom, wrapping the wearer without constraints and tracing each nuanced movement and emotion. It's more than design; it's an experience—a delicate communion between the body, fabric, and the embracing environment, resonating as one with nature.

Mastering the Balance

Equestrian pea coats paired with ribbed silk knit miniskirts, cotton canvas dresses adorned with the intricate 'Sacre de l’été' motif, and a transformative etoupe-grey trench coat, its sleeves deftly unbuttoning to dance with the body's every rhythm emerge from the meadow. This cohesion is pervasive, with modern silhouettes bursting to life through unexpected, yet flawlessly tailored details—true to Hermès’ enduring legacy of unparalleled craftsmanship, with a special nod to their mastery in leatherwork.

A Sustainable Promise

Hermès' homage to its roots doesn't stop at the designs. The SS24 runway wove its path through a wild garden of meadow flowers—a visual treat backed by an eco-conscious promise. Each plant adorning this runway will find a new home, replanted in a symbolic gesture of circularity and respect for nature.

Nadège’s Vision

Under the artistic guidance of Women’s Creative Director Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski, Hermès continues to explore its eternal bond with nature. This relationship with nature transcends mere aesthetics; it's a philosophy, a way of life. The brand's commitment to luxury, coupled with Nadège’s acute sensitivity towards the environment, forges a narrative that aligns with today’s world—a world seeking the tranquillity of nature amidst its hectic pace.

A Glimpse into the Designer’s World

In both motherhood and design, Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski exhibits unwavering dedication. The tranquil elegance of her Parisian residence reflects the serene sophistication of Hermès designs—a commitment so deep that she even completed a leather poncho sketch during labor for a previous collection. Her life seamlessly blends personal and professional, nature and design, past and present, embodying the Hermès ethos: to navigate life's contrasts with grace and finesse.

In a world that often seems in a rush, Hermès SS24 invites us to slow down, to find joy in nature and craftsmanship, to rediscover the beauty of the world around us, and most importantly, to find ourselves in every stitch and silhouette. Embark on a journey with Hermès SS24 and immerse yourself in nature's embrace. Explore the collection at