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H&M and Heron Preston Forge Innovative Partnership: Introducing H2

H&M and Heron Preston Forge Innovative Partnership: Introducing H2

Heron Preston

H&M has unveiled a groundbreaking collaboration with the creative visionary Heron Preston. This long-term partnership ushers in a multifaceted platform known as H2, which aims to redefine the future of creative partnerships. H2 is built on four core pillars: Design Advisory, Special Collections, Empowering Young Talent, and Circular Innovation. Together, these pillars represent a pioneering approach that embodies the shared values of H&M and Heron Preston.

Design Advisory

As a multidimensional creative force, Heron Preston will lend his unique perspectives to H&M’s menswear offerings. This collaboration seeks to elevate assortments and customer experiences while inspiring fresh thinking and innovative approaches. Heron will work closely with H&M’s creative teams, sharing his expertise through interactive seminars and injecting new energy into the brand.

Special Collections: Redefining Fashion

H2 will introduce seasonal collections that explore novel concepts of durability, longevity, and versatility. The aim is to democratize Heron’s uncompromising creative vision, making it accessible to all. Embracing an ‘open source’ mindset, H2 will transparently share information throughout the design process, empowering customers to learn, participate, and create for themselves. This approach adds layers to the mission of democratizing fashion.

Empowering Young Talent: Nurturing Creativity

H2 is committed to fostering a sense of community by inviting emerging talent to co-create its offerings. Through a combination of Heron Preston’s mentorship and H&M’s resources, H2 will amplify new voices and propel early-stage careers to new heights. The talent program within H2 will focus on young, self-taught creatives with unique ideas and abilities, aiming to provide opportunities to those without traditional educational access.

Circular Innovation: Pioneering Sustainability

H2 will serve as an experimental ground to explore the future of circular fashion. By harnessing Heron’s passion and creativity along with H&M’s extensive knowledge and resources, H2 will continually launch bold projects that apply circular thinking. These initiatives will create engaging experiences and encourage community participation, with the ultimate goal of testing, learning, and scaling innovative sustainability solutions. Both H&M and Heron Preston share a commitment to closing the loop in fashion.

Quotes from the Collaborators

Daniel Herrmann, Head of H&M Menswear, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration: “Heron Preston is a creative force in the industry, and has distinguished himself as a multifaceted artist with a unique point of view and strong story to tell. H2 was born from a like-minded vision between H&M and Heron, about the future of fashion but also how we must collaborate in new ways to achieve new goals. We are excited to show the world what we can build together.”

Heron Preston also shared his thoughts: “I always say, the face of fashion is all of us. H&M speaks to so many different types of people around the globe and is a brand for everyone. I love to push the boundaries of what’s possible and felt like they were really interested in doing that with me. I admire a company as big as H&M that wants to take risks together because our shared belief is that real change must ultimately happen at a scale that touches ‘everyone’.”

Stay tuned for further updates on the myriad initiatives and collections led by Heron Preston under this groundbreaking partnership on

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