‘I Can’t Cry,’ indulge in summer malaise in a new fashion film, ‘Plop’

Milan-based visual artist, Matei Octav, presents a dreamy short film full of introspection. An inability to cry sets our narrator, voiced over by Adam Banbarek and starring Samuele Simoncelli, off on a journey in search of the sacred wet stuff.

The artist asks, ‘maybe an entire life has passed since he shed his last tear, but what’s the reason behind that? What is blocking him?’

‘PLOP stages a satirical, light-hearted and above all paradoxical vision of a reality in which mankind is fading the memory of tears. The today is the right time to learn to cry again, despite how hard it may seem. Everyone must be able to cry without fear and make their sorrows heard!’ – Matei Octavos

Fashion featured in the short film include Armani, Chanel, Sisley, Borsalino, Clarks. Grooming & styling by Matei Octav. Voiceover and graphics by Adam Banbarek. Music by David Hilowitz.

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