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I See You Beyond the Fog

I See You Beyond the Fog

An ethereal and moody editorial with Emily Verlern from Elite is photographed by Carola Carera and styled by Elena Luca for RAIN. Make-up by Beatrice Mazza.

Tactile fabrics and deconstructed pieces become a focus against an eerily familiar backdrop. Fashion by No21, Pier Antonio, Greta Boldini, and more.

Ring by Rada
Dress by Circus Hotel, earrings by Radà and shoes by Bimba Y Lola 
Dress by Greta Boldini and earrings by Radà 
Top and skirt by Pier Antonio Gaspari, earrings, vintage
Dress, petticoat by Sheena, earrings by Radà 
Dress by Greta Boldini 
Suit by 16R and shoes By Salar 
Shirt and trousers by Comeforbreakfast 

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