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Iceberg spring summer 2020

Iceberg spring summer 2020

Iceberg creative director, James Long showed a saccharine collection for SS2020 in Milan. With his finger on the pulse of pop, Long introduced a sensational collection full of bright colors, sequins, and sportswear. The subversive collection pokes fun of its own success. A small lowercase ‘i’ is repeated as a motif throughout the collection (our favorite in fluorescent yellow, of course). A nod to the name Iceberg and also a reflection of our infinitely self-obsessed and self-serving culture.

This point is further driven home by the introduction of Loony Tunes characters Bugs Bunny and Tweety Bird. The show, like the name itself, Loony Tunes implies a certain disregard for or escape from reality. The genius of this collection is its witty and contradictory commentary that is probably lost on the audience, which makes us like it even more.

Topping it off, there couldn’t have been a more perfect ending than an all black ensemble of sombre, introspective looks.

Images courtesy of Iceberg.

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