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In the Afternoon

In the Afternoon

Photographer Piotr Marzec and stylist Brian Conway capture Maisie Dunlop with The Squad in a sunny editorial for RAIN. Fashion by Lanvin, Simone Rocha for Moncler Genius, Issey Miyake, Kenzo, and Pringle of Scotland.

Makeup by Take, hair by Hirokazu Endo.

Polo by Eudon Choi, leather collar by Lanvin
Jacket and trousers by Kwaiden Editions, skirt by Tibi, corset by Fleet ILA, top by Eudon Choi, hoodie by Angel Chen, boots by Joseph
Gloves by Dents
Coat by Simone Rocha x Moncler Genius, headscarf by Tibi, puffer gillet (over coat) by COS, trousers by Luke Goldblatt, turtleneck by COS, gloves by Dents
Top by Issey Miyake, headscarf by Tibi, hat by Y3
Polo by Eudon Choi, collar by Lanvin
Coat by Joseph, turtleneck by Toga, denim coat (over trench) by Qasimi, trousers by Toga, boots by Simone Rocha x Moncler Genius, gloves by T Label
Blazer and trousers by Kenzo, turtleneck by Dorothee Schumarker, visor by Pringle of Scotland, hat by Y3, gloves by Dents

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