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Indie pop artist VÉRITÉ breaks new ground with ‘New Limbs Volume 1’

Indie pop artist VÉRITÉ breaks new ground with ‘New Limbs Volume 1’

Kelsey Byrne (VÉRITÉ) is one of indie pop’s most influential forces. She quickly rose to prominence in the early days of the genre on social media music platforms such as HypeMachine and Twitter. She has since released two full albums Somewhere in Between and New Skin, several EPs, and has appeared on the Today Show and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. After canceling her sold out North American tour earlier this year due to COVID-19, she wrote the first song “Younger Women” – the first single from her upcoming project: New Limbs Volume 1, which will be released on October 8th.

The heartfelt new single shows her prowess of writing vulnerable lyrics that hit differently during quarantine. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, VÉRITÉ had a non traditional rise in the music industry. She explains in the early days she would work eighty hour weeks at Applebee’s in New York in order to fund her music project. Her hard work and grind paid off when she went viral on Hype Machine and has consistently been putting out powerful pop ballads ever since.

Creating music as an independent artist is a double edged sword, VÉRITÉ explains. She describes how much the music scene has changed over the past decade. On one hand, streaming services has welcomed thousands upon thousands of new artists and music that under the traditional label model would never gain the kind of exposure new artists enjoy today. This new model has become more prevalent and powerful as we’ve seen top pop acts such as Lil Nas X leapfrog the system with his meteoric rise on TikTok. On the other hand, the economics of being a musician has become increasingly difficult. The payouts from streaming services are often anemic until you’ve hit large milestones and independent artists oftentimes resort to selling vinyl, merch, and doing lots of live shows. VÉRITÉ is a shining example of how independent artists can thrive in today’s multifaceted environment.

The latest new single from her upcoming project, “I’ll Take the Blame” (below) delicately reflects emotions surrounding a break up or rough patches in relationships. Over the past few weeks the song has already become a fan favorite.

In describing her upcoming project as a whole, she explains:

New Limbs: Volume 1 is an exploration not confined by traditional structures and defines the ethos of the artist’s next musical chapter, yet the project mirrors the uncertain era we all find ourselves in. This project became an opportunity to experiment virtually with sounds, collaborators, and fans. “I’m excited to find new ways to share and connect with the people who listen to my music right now.”

Pre-save the forthcoming EP, New Limbs Volume 1 here.

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