Introducing the Exquisite Paco Leather Line by Rabanne

October 7, 2023

It isn't every day that a new eye-catching accessory makes its debut. Prepare to be delightfully surprised by Rabanne's latest innovation: the Paco Leather Line for Fall-Winter '23.

From the Runway to Reality

The brand showcased the Paco Bucket and Paco Clutch on the Fall-Winter '23 runway, both of which were instant head-turners. These designs are the embodiment of Rabanne's iconic assemblage presented with a fresh twist.

Artistry Embodied

This season, for the first time, we witness the leather discs intricately arranged in a spiralling pattern. The dynamic alignment breathes life into the surface, creating a rhythmic reflection of light and texture.

Delving deeper into the making, the Paco Bucket exemplifies the term 'savoir-faire'. With box calf leather tanned to perfection in Italy and finished with the artisanal Palmellato technique, the artistry behind this piece is unmistakable. Assembling this bag is no small feat. The large variant, composed of roughly 800 meticulously prepared pieces, can take over 16 hours to complete.

Design That Speaks

The Paco Bucket is spacious, functional, and versatile. Proposed in three distinct sizes, each carries its unique touch. From top handles to removable cross-body straps, every detail is thoughtful.

For those in pursuit of color, the Paco Bucket offers a range of exterior shades paired with metallic interiors. Options include burgundy paired with silver, classic black with gold, and a rich cognac complemented by silver.

European Elegance

Both the Paco Bucket and the new Paco Clutch feature European craftsmanship, reinforcing Rabanne's commitment to unparalleled quality and design. Their introduction this season marks a monumental chapter in Rabanne's illustrious creative journey.