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ionnalee (aka iamamiwhoami), watch the live concert

ionnalee (aka iamamiwhoami), watch the live concert

Jonna Lee of iamamiwhoami and her solo artist name, ionnalee, presents a live concert titled, KONSERT live from Sweden. Featuring guests and previous collaborators such as TR/ST, Zola Jesus, and Imogen Heap, the captivating concert runs over an hour long. You can watch it here. We spoke with TR/ST and ionnalee previously for features in RAIN.

Lee said of the new concert series:

“As I couldn’t perform before my audience and wasn’t able to experience the shows with my musician friends, I tried to recreate the experience digitally and it became something exciting…KONSERT is my third digital live project and making and I didn’t want the process to end. The distance between me, audience and my guests is evident, but it felt very intimate and present. Hopefully that is what the audience feels too. We created KONSERT on a small hard working team and we were relying on the weather to carry us through. We almost made it until we had to abort by a rain storm.”

A few weeks ago marked the ten year anniversary since Lee began her musical project iamamiwhoami. Full of mystery and awe, the project evolved into one of the most ambitious and innovative acts in music. We could go on and on but the music and visuals really do speak for themselves.

Have a listen below.

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