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ionnalee remembers the future

ionnalee remembers the future

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ionnalee, the solo project from Jonna Lee of iamamiwhoami, releases her latest music video, “ionnalee; SOME BODY” (below). For those who have followed her work over the years this video continues to pioneer, quite literally, an iconography from an artist with purpose. If you’re new to her work, get ready to jump head first into six albums, two online live concert installations, and a cohesive body of music videos.

While nature has always been an element in her work– connecting and inspiring listeners with wonders from the natural world, ionnalee in SOME BODY takes it a step further with sharp commentary on climate change and complacency. A hypnotic spiral takes center stage along with ionnalee pointing out a trance that society has fallen under; an audience endlessly watching the pattern repeat as ionnalee dances along haplessly in its projection. There is also a potted plant preserved in a plastic box – a symbol of hope – backpacking with her as she traverses a mountainside with a face mask on. The message is clear, as enchanting as the rhythm: we must act.

ionnalee is a project that never ceases to continually challenge her audience, perceptively through audio-visuals of course but also through narrative structures. RAIN first wrote on the release of ionnalee’s debut solo album, Everyone Afraid to be Forgotten, in the fall/winter 2017-2018 issue, in conversation with fellow musician Tungorna.

This first album as ionnalee (similar to iamamiwhoami, ionnalee is simply Jonna Lee with the ‘j’ replaced by an ‘i’) was a journey into the self – in search of truth and sanity in an age where both are increasingly disparate and fleeting. “Samaritan,” (a single with an accompanying ethereal music video and featuring fashion from frequent collaborator, COMME des GARÇONS) “Simmer Down,” “Dunes of Sand,” and “Harvest,” in collaboration with TR/ST, are all monumental tracks that set the foundation of something great. With the release of SOME BODY, the departure is clear but the destination, as always, is up to you.

The coming album, Remember the Future from ionnalee releases on May 31, 2019. Pre-order the album here.

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