Issey Miyake Spring Summer 2024: A Ballet of Fluid Forms and Nature’s Power

October 1, 2023

Issey Miyake SS24 Show

In the vibrant city of Paris, Issey Miyake unveiled their Spring Summer 2024 Collection named ‘Grasping the Formless’. This collection explores the concept of fluidity, encapsulating elements of nature—like the gentle wind, flowing water, shimmering light, and the flickering flame—elements with no fixed shape, but moving in fluid motion.

Exploration of the Undefined

This collection from Issey Miyake brings spectators to a place where the unseen and the tangible intersect, crafting designs that resonate with the human spirit and physique. It envelops mutable forms and an elusive aesthetic that forms with the wearer, beginning a dialogue between the garment and observer.

Interdisciplinary Experience

The presentation of this collection was an interdisciplinary spectacle, blending sound, dance, and visual art to reflect its thematic essence. Pleated items made of natural fiber washi paper floated and morphed, interacting with their environment and the performers, prompting contemplation about the connection between the clothing and the individual wearer.

Harmony in Ambiguity

AMBIGUOUS’ is a standout series within the collection, a knit series that demonstrates a balance between form and materiality. The high twist cotton yarn unveils the body’s form while generating a soft cascade of folds. This series is a representation of adaptability, the construction of the tubular form syncing with each wearer, resulting in an aesthetic of ambiguity.

A Flutter of Fabric and Air

TWINNING’ is a woven series that draws inspiration from a flag fluttering freely in the sky, emblematic of sovereignty and spirit. This series embodies a fabric that is airy yet possesses the strength to sustain the crisp twists. A specialized weaving technique allows the creation of this lightweight, voluminous texture, leaving minute gaps in the warp, giving the fabric its distinct characteristic of lightness coupled with firmness. The series, with its playful interaction between firmness and lightness, adds another dimension to the collection, allowing the wearer to experience a sense of freedom and elegance.

A Celebration of Individuality

ENVELOPING’, another distinguished series in the collection, is manifested by twisting and securing a tubular structure formed out of a singular piece of fabric. This fabric, interwoven with Japanese washi paper and polyester, radiates a subtle luster and tender texture, illuminating the contrasts in the drapes' shadows. It encircles and molds to the body, crafting a unique silhouette for each individual.

Light Leak, Twisted, and Fixed in Time

LIGHT LEAK’, is a series representing blurred forms of gradients, displayed in unembellished silhouettes with minimal seams. The series utilizes deliberate exposure of camera film to create its unique prints, where particles of the original photographs remain visible, enlarged, and faithfully translated from their initial form.

TWISTED’ series, weaving natural fibers and stretched fibers, enwraps the body as if it was naturally formed over it, giving life to a distinctive textured fabric which whispers the tales of Japanese washi paper and linen.

FIXED IN TIME’, speaks of the concept of capturing motion, with its folds and angular shapes creating bold silhouettes that are lightweight, easy to wear, and versatile.

Explore the ethereal innovations in Issey Miyake’s Spring Summer 2024 Collection. Revealed at Paris Fashion Week, it’s a journey through fluidity, form, art, and elegance; a nexus where the abstract and the tangible travel through a timeless prism. For more insights and to discover more, visit