IT’S ALIVE! PUMA’s Fearless Mostro Reemerges After 25 Years

January 2, 2024

PUMA celebrates the return of the Mostro sneaker, a fashion rebel that's been hibernating for a quarter of a century. Let's dive into the revival of a classic that has shaken up the streets with its monstrous charm.

Iconic Streets, Iconic Strides: Dressed in colors as bold as the city itself, a street vendor in Mostro sneakers becomes an emblem of NYC’s diverse tapestry.

A Monster Reawakened

In 1999, PUMA unleashed the Mostro, a sneaker that defied norms with its bold design. Named after the Italian word for 'monster', it was a shoe that didn't just walk but stomped into the fashion scene with a statement. The Mostro, a blend of sprinting spikes and laid-back surfing shoes, captured the best of both worlds: the agility of an athlete and the nonchalance of a beachgoer.

Snapshot of Aspiration: A pair captures a selfie moment atop the city, their Mostro sneakers symbolizing the intersection of dreams and the streets of New York.

Timeless Design Meets Contemporary Comfort

The Mostro's latest incarnation respects its roots with the iconic spiked sole and strap closure, now coupled with a mesh upper and metallic silver PUMA Formstrip. These sneakers are not just about looks; they promise a snug fit and flexibility that can tackle the urban jungle.

The Big Apple's New Icons

Photographer Chris Maggio captures the spirit of the Mostro in New York City, showcasing a diverse cast from Gen-Z trendsetters to camera-toting tourists. These personalities embody the essence of the Mostro: unapologetically standing out.

Urban Solitude: Amidst the city’s heartbeat, a lone figure’s Mostro sneakers echo the rhythm of New York — vibrant and unabashed.

A Sneaker That Crosses Eras

The Mostro is a testament to PUMA's innovative spirit. Bridging the gap between sports and fashion, this sneaker doesn't just return; it redefines what it means to be an icon in the world of sports style.

Slice of the City: A New Yorker in Mostro sneakers savors a classic NY slice, embodying the city’s eclectic taste and irrepressible spirit.

Where to Find the Beast

Set to prowl in Light Grey and Yellow, the PUMA Mostro will be available at select retailers including Dover Street Market and Kith. The hunt begins on January 13, 2024.

With a nod to its past and a leap towards the future, the PUMA Mostro reclaims its throne in the sneaker world. Are you ready to walk on the wild side?