Jacob Elordi Captivates in Bottega Veneta at the A24 Special Screening of “PRISCILLA”

October 21, 2023

Jacob Elordi Priscilla

Amid the allure of cinema and storytelling at the Academy Museum, a different kind of artistry commanded attention at the A24 special screening of "PRISCILLA." Jacob Elordi, known for his captivating performances, emerged as a vision of sartorial excellence in a custom ensemble from luxury fashion house Bottega Veneta.

Jacob Elordi showcases sartorial elegance in a Bottega Veneta ensemble at the premiere of 'PRISCILLA'.
Jacob Elordi showcases sartorial elegance in a Bottega Veneta ensemble at the premiere of 'PRISCILLA'.

Photo by Eric Charbonneau/Shutterstock (14153281cb) Jacob Elordi A24 Special Screening of PRISCILLA at the Academy Museum, Los Angeles, CA - 16 October 2023; Image courtesy of Bottega Veneta

Tailored Elegance in Chevron Wool

Highlighting his poised aesthetic, Elordi donned a single-breasted suit, carefully tailored and rendered in medium grey chevron wool. This choice piece married traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary edge, a balance that resonated with the evening's artistic ambiance.

Understated Luxe: The Fluid Viscose Twill Shirt

Adding to the suit's textured sophistication was a fluid viscose twill shirt, its subtle sheen offering a soft counterpoint and demonstrating Bottega Veneta’s dedication to nuanced contrasts in materials. "This understated approach is Bottega Veneta's signature," explained fashion historian Valerie Steele. "They've long been masters of 'quiet' luxury, letting the quality speak for itself."

The Final Touch: Strut Lace-Up Shoes

The ensemble was flawlessly completed with Bottega Veneta's strut lace-up shoes. Characterized by their sharp design and meticulous detailing, the shoes encapsulated the night's fusion of comfort and unabashed style, solidifying Elordi's fashion-forward presence.

An Iconic Union: Jacob Elordi and Bottega Veneta

The collaboration for this high-profile event is more than a mere celebrity endorsement. It signals a confluence of trajectories, where Elordi's rising star meets the established artisanship of Bottega Veneta. The actor's selection celebrated the brand's heritage of discrete luxury and innovative design, affirming his status as a style savant attuned to narratives both timeless and forward-thinking.

Beyond the Screen: A Style Statement Cast in the Spotlight

As "PRISCILLA" makes waves for its cinematic artistry, it's Jacob Elordi's compelling off-screen narrative that equally resonates. His Bottega Veneta moment at the screening reiterates an enduring truth: fashion, like film, is about storytelling, and Elordi is fluent in the language of both.

The Legacy and Future of Bottega Veneta in Hollywood

Founded in 1966, Bottega Veneta has climbed the ranks from its origins in Vicenza, Italy, to global recognition. Known for its "intrecciato" weave and discretion, sans logos, the brand stands as a beacon of artisanal workmanship and innovative design. With celebrities like Jacob Elordi donning their creations, Bottega Veneta continues to stamp its profound influence on the fashion narratives woven in Hollywood.

A Star's Ascending Trajectory in Style and Cinema

Jacob Elordi's presence at the "PRISCILLA" screening was not just another celebrity appearance. It was a testament to thoughtful style choices converging with career-defining moments. As he steps into future roles — onscreen and off — eyes will undoubtedly remain on his sartorial selections, especially if they continue to echo the subtleties of his performances. In aligning with Bottega Veneta, Elordi underscores his narrative, not just as a profound actor but also as an impactful, emerging style icon.