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Jay Chou, Lewis Hamilton, and Nicholas Hoult Shine at Dior’s Winter 2024-2025 Men’s Showcase

Jay Chou, Lewis Hamilton, and Nicholas Hoult Shine at Dior’s Winter 2024-2025 Men’s Showcase


In the historic École Militaire, Kim Jones revealed the Dior Winter 2024-2025 Men’s Collection, a symphony of design that waltzes between the utilitarian and the poetic. This ready-to-wear line, infused with the theatricality of couture, stood as a tribute to the sartorial splendor of ballet.

A Tribute to Movement and Memory

Ballet’s Elegance Reimagined

A Nod to Nureyev: The collection was a modern ode to the grace of ballet legend Rudolf Nureyev, guided by the spirit of Kim Jones’s uncle, Colin Jones, whose photography of Nureyev captured a poignant friendship. This personal homage was evident in every pleat, slit, and neckline, as the collection reinterpreted Dior’s storied archives with virtuosity.

Reconstructed Classics

Tailoring Transformed: Monsieur Dior’s iconic Bar Jacket was boldly reimagined, sculpted into a masculine silhouette that danced with new volumes and contours. Jumpsuits, wool zippered shorts, and second-skin ribbed knits paid sartorial homage to Nureyev’s inimitable style, gracefully merging the functional with the poetic.

The Celestial Runway

Star Power in Attendance: The show’s celestial ambiance was further illuminated by the star power of Jay Chou, Tomorrow x Together, Lewis Hamilton, and Nicholas Hoult. Their attendance highlighted the universal allure of Dior, attracting icons from the realms of music, sports, and film to the ballet of fashion.

The Dior Winter 2024-2025 Men’s Collection, while steeped in history, was an avant-garde expression of contemporary elegance, inviting the world to witness the legacy of artistic giants through the lens of modern fashion.

Discover the full expression of Jones’s vision and the essence of the show below.

[Photos by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images for Dior Homme]

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