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Jennifer Lawrence Illuminates Dior and Saks’ Carousel of Dreams in NYC

Jennifer Lawrence Illuminates Dior and Saks’ Carousel of Dreams in NYC

Jennifer Lawrence stands in front of Saks Fifth Avenue's holiday window display, dressed in a chic black coat, exuding elegance and holiday spirit.

In an unparalleled display of luxury, elegance, and festive glamour, Dior and Saks Fifth Avenue unveiled the magnificent “Dior’s Carousel of Dreams at Saks” in New York City. Leading the constellation of stars at this dazzling event was Academy Award-winner Jennifer Lawrence, a luminary ambassador for Dior, whose presence added an extraordinary charm to the night.

Jennifer Lawrence: A Dior Dream at Saks’ Gala, courtesy of BFA for Dior and Saks

The Star-Studded Celebration Begins

As the curtains rose on this exclusive gala, the air buzzed with anticipation. Each moment was a celebration not just of fashion, but of the festive season itself. The Saks Fifth Avenue gala sparkled with a festive spirit, where the grandeur of high fashion met the star-studded charm of Hollywood. This event, heralding the holiday season, became a warm and splendid showcase of luxury, bringing together the elite of the fashion world and silver screen icons to revel in the joyous celebration.

The Enchanting Facade of Saks in Dior’s Festive Lights, courtesy of BFA for Dior and Saks

A Spectacle of Fashion and Art

The evening took a turn towards the artistic, as Fifth Avenue became a live canvas reflecting the creative pulse of Dior. Amid the glittering cityscape, the Martha Graham Dance Company delivered a mesmerizing performance, with 60 dancers donning Maria Grazia Chiuri’s exquisite designs. This fusion of high fashion and expressive artistry on Fifth Avenue was not just a performance; it was a moving canvas of Dior’s visionary fashion ethos.

Graceful Elegance: Ballet Dancers Perform Under the Dior and Saks Festive Facade, Bringing the Carousel of Dreams to Life, courtesy of BFA for Dior and Saks

Celebrity Radiance: The Guests of Honor

Highlighting the event were faces familiar to any fashion or film enthusiast. Tracee Ellis Ross, an icon both on-screen and in fashion circles, Alexandra Daddario, renowned for her roles and red-carpet grace, and Nina Dobrev, a beloved figure in film and fashion, each added their signature style to the evening.

Tracee Ellis Ross alongside Dior’s Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri at Dior’s Carousel of Dreams at Saks, Unveiling, courtesy of BFA for Dior and Saks
Maya Hawke, Nina Dobrev, and Ashley Park Captivating the Crowd at Dior’s Carousel of Dreams at Saks, courtesy of BFA for Dior and Saks

The Enchantment of Saks’ Holiday Windows

The unveiling of Saks’ iconic holiday windows and light show added a magical touch to the evening. The windows, themed around Dior’s Carousel of Dreams, transformed Saks into a visual spectacle, drawing onlookers into a world where fashion and festivity intertwine.

Dior’s Carousel of Dreams: A Visual Spectacle at Saks’ Holiday Windows courtesy of Luis Guillén Photography

A Night to Remember

This remarkable event ushered in a new era of luxury alliances, offering a fresh take on holiday festivities. Dior and Saks, uniting art, fashion, and celebrity allure, set the stage for a memorable holiday season with the enchanting Carousel of Dreams.

As the Carousel of Dreams continues to captivate onlookers, we invite you to experience the magic at Saks Fifth Avenue — a place where fashion dreams and festive lights meet.

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